Sep 10, 2015


When news of a pending split was released from Chad Sullins and Last Call Coalition that made the upcoming release of their last studio record a much bigger deal to fans who have followed the band over the last 7 years. Every show update and post on their Facebook page is inevitably laced with the sullen fan who still can't believe the news. So what's left for that damn band from Stillwater? That rock band that plays country music...

They have always rocked a little more than they have countried but with the first song off of their soon to be released final album Wake Up Call they show they are equally able to slow it down, ease in a little slide guitar and show their softer side.  The track, "Like I Did," which was recorded with the amazingly talented Kaitlin Butts, can maybe even be seen as their goodbye song to the fans.  I know I definitely feel the sting of this break up for a while...

Watch for info on the pre-order coming soon. If you are like me, this album can't get here fast enough.

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