Sep 1, 2015

Shane Smith & The Saints - Geronimo

Back in 2013 Shane Smith & the Saints made our list of top albums with their debut album Coast and we have had an eye on them since. They have seen some pretty good success and continue to win fans show after show. The band is set to release their second album Geronimo in a couple weeks and we have been lucky to get a peek at a few of the tracks off of the Sept 11th release.

I first heard most of these new songs at this year's Musicfest in Steamboat Springs. Almost instantly it hit me that these guys have managed to put together another set of incredible songs that were going to have no trouble finding a spot on playlists, radio rotations and the Texas charts. The high caliber story telling/songwriting that was so prevalent on Coast has made a seamless transition here.

 The band truly excels at being able to aptly weave the stories of the hard working, every day kind of people into well polished tunes that listeners can relate to whether they have lived the subject matter or not. Tunes like "Oil Town" and "New Orleans" are perfect examples of just that.

Alongside those slower story telling ballads there's a song or two that will be sure to get a crowd moving. One of the songs that stands out and be sure to fill the dance floor is the song "All I See is You." You wouldn't normally think of a love song to be that type of song but with a rocking tempo and some of the best fiddle work you will hear on an album this year they manage to tear at your heart strings and kick you in the teeth at the same time. You can get a peek at "All I See is You" below.

Shane Smith & the Saints have shown more what they are about musically and as a band here with a solid second effort. The tracks on Geronimo have proven the band more than capable of becoming a mainstay and will no doubt continue them on a quick and steady rise in the Texas scene. With great music and even better live shows, you will undoubtedly be hearing more about these guys for quite some time.

Make sure you pick up the album at any of their upcoming release shows at your favorite music spot Sept 11th.

Watch for our interview with Shane Smith coming soon.

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