Jul 21, 2015

It's Been Too Long...

The has always been one thing I have wrestled with since starting RDBC. I am only able to update RDBC when I have spare time. Music is a part of my life every day, but I don't always have the time to devote to the page. The past few months RDBC has suffered even more so because my day to day life has been incredibly hectic. Kids, sports, a new job and a hundred other things have afforded me with little time to just kick back, turn on some music and write.

Things that have happened since I last wrote here: William Clark Green, Zane Williams, American Aquarium, Shinyribs, Uncle Lucius and Crooks have all put out amazing albums. LJT has came and went and Oklahoma lost a true Red Dirt legend with the passing of Tom Skinner.

I have still been paying attention to the music. Still taking notes as to what new stuff has caught my ear. Still catching a show when I can. But the loss of Tom Skinner has brought me back into really listening to the music lately. I had long been a fan of Skinner and his music. Always appreciated hearing the big guys in Red Dirt cover his songs, and so many of them have done so without most fans even realizing so. This post isn't really about anything new, it's just a way to shake the dust off of my blogging skills and share one of my favorite songs and honor the memory of Tom Skinner. Hope this finds you all well.


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