Jan 20, 2015


Jackson Tillman is a band that not only caught my attention late last year but also only became a band last year. That's right. When these guys were entered into the artist showdown they had only been together as a band for about 3 months.

Now they did all have various backgrounds in music and with other bands but some unexpected circumstances brought them all together and every day since has been a whirlwind for the boys from southwest Oklahoma. We asked the guys to fill us in on what brought them together and asked all of the other usual questions like what made you want to get into music, biggest influences, how you came together as a band and their goals? Here is what the guys had to say.

Jackson Tillman: Shawn Gomez (guitar- harmony vocals), Jamie Chandler (Bass) and Bryan Chandler (Drums) are all family and we grew up playing music together in church around the age of 11 and started sneaking in to honky tonks around 16. Our biggest influences in music range from Keith Whitley, George Strait to our Dads who we watched play music growing up. We formed a band called Texoma with fiddle player Chris Whitten (who now plays with us again) and went on a national tour at the age of 21. Texoma disbanded in 2001 and we went our separate ways musically but were always together as family. In 2013 we all found ourselves living in Edmond Oklahoma and we formed the band Redneck Brown & The Freshwater Donkeys. We (Shawn, Jamie & Bryan) were the Freshwater Donkey side of things..lol. We had some regional success with a few chart singles and one song (When I Think About Texas) stayed on the Texas Music Charts for about 8 months.

Late in 2014 though, Redneck Brown decided to leave out for a solo career and the guys teamed up with fellow southwest Oklahoma native Jeremy Studdard (vocals) and Brent Kreuger (lead guitar) to form the new band. Studdard had been in the scene and playing music for a while himself when the guys got together as Jackson Tillman. A name paying homage to the 2 southwest Oklahoma counties were the band members grew up.

Studdard: I started singing when I was 5, my dad bought me an Elvis Presley box set for Christmas and I never stopped until I learned every song. I went to Nashville for a few years and came home when I found out I had a baby on the way. I feel that success has already been achieved on so many levels for me. I have been able to reach thousands of people with my music and have opened up for some big national acts. With Jackson Tillman the sky is the limit. We all mesh so well when it comes to writing and practice. I can't wait to see what's in store for 2015.

The guys went into the studio late last year and pumped out a pretty good EP in order to get something out there with their name on it. They hit the ground running as Jackson Tillman and aren't standing around waiting to catch their breath. Plans are in the making for the release of the first radio single and a full length debut by the end of 2015.

For more on the band go here: http://jacksontillman.com/index/

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