Jan 14, 2015

Cody Canada & The Departed - HippieLovePunk

About 2 years ago at a show in Wichita Falls, TX I had a chance to chat for a few minutes with Cody. ADVENTUS hadn't been out long and it was still to be seen whether fans would fully embrace the new sound and the new band. What I told Cody that night was simply this; I saw him more comfortable and having more fun on a stage than I had seen in years. The songs that he was writing and the things he was doing now, seemed to be things he had wanted to do for years but wasn't able to make happen with CCR. He thanked me, and he told me it was nice to see that people got it.

The thing with music from Cody Canada, is that it always sounds like it's from Cody Canada. The sound that so many fans had come to love over the years with CCR was so easily identified as Cody. But with most of the songs on HippieLovePunk being mostly written by Cody, the tunes have not simply picked up where CCR left us, they have catapulted us into a new realm entirely. If there are still fans out there holding on to hope of a reunion or holding back on The Departed, this album serves as proof enough that it's time to let shit go and get ready to rock.

HippieLovePunk is Cody at his best. It has all of the grit and soul of earlier tunes but with a level of maturity and musicianship that was sometimes lacking in the old days. The lead track 'Comin To Me' is a ballsy rock n roll tune in that declares it's time to give Cody his due.

'Misunderstood all these years.
Tried to calm it down but it reappears.
I won't be happy til you're bored to tears.
Running for the bus but it's grinding gears.'

Loud and clear my man.

Other tracks on the album range from the same rocking riffs in songs like 'Revolution' to the simple and almost throwback sound of 'Maker' which is a song that I can easily hear Willie Nelson doing 30 years ago. Every track on this album could be a radio single. As much as the last album was a Cody and Seth album, this new album is a total band effort. Jeremy Plato, Chris Doege, and Steve Littleton are all nearly perfect in their contributions in completing this project.

While it may be early to start saying this will be one of the best albums of the year, I don't know anyone who has heard it that would argue against it. It has already been on rotation in my playlist for months and I don't see that ending any time soon. Add it to yours and do the same.

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