Dec 29, 2014


Over the 3 years that I have been doing RDBC, the end of the year Top Albums list has proven to be one of the hardest things I do. I can review albums and talk to artists all day long, but narrowing down the music that had the biggest impact on me throughout the year is like trying to pick a favorite Braun brother. It's next to impossible some year's. This year has proven exceptionally difficult and there was simply no way I could limit the top albums to 10. So, here is the list of the top 20 albums that got the most played around RDBC this year.

1. John Fullbright - Songs
2. Parker Millsap - Self Titled
3. Zac Wilkerson & the Wayward Souls - Self Titled
4. Whiskey Myers - Early Morning Shakes
5. The Washers - Everything At Once
6. Jason Eady - Daylight & Dark
7. Adam Hood - Welcome to the Big World
8. The Bigsbys - Good Will Suitcase
9. Erick Willis - Please
10. Mike Ryan - Bad Reputation
11. Jeff Whitehead - Bloodhound Heart
12. Kierston White - Don't Write Love Songs
13. Stoney LaRue- Aviator
14. Josh Grider - Luck & Desire
15. Midnight River Choir - Fresh Air
16. Dolly Shine - All In
17. Kelley Mickwee - You Used to Live Here
18. Dirt River Boys - Self Titled
19. Chad Sullins & The Last Call Coalition - Wicked Spell
20. Drew Kennedy - Sad Songs Happily Played

Dec 23, 2014


I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone that has followed along with us for another year here at RDBC. We were very busy with other projects this year and didn't have as much time to post as we have in the past but they didn't slow down our growth. There were some cool new features added, like the Showdown and the video pages, that we added to keep you guys coming back and checking out great new music. Those additions lead to some increased traffic and this year we hit a huge milestone for us here in our little corner of the web. RDBC managed to hit well over 100,000 page views this year with fewer posts than the previous year and that is incredible. None of that would be possible with out you guys. We have some great things in store for the coming year and can't wait to see where things lead us come this time next year. Thank you for supporting RDBC in everything we did this year.

Dec 22, 2014


To round out the year, just like last year I asked a few people to contribute to the end of the year best of lists. One of the folks I chipping in was our November featured artist Dylan Stewart. I Like seeing which albums my favorite musicians like, because I see it as a glimpse into the music that continues to mold and inspire their own music. Dylan did not disappoint and several of his top 10 albums this year are also on my top albums list that will be posted later today.  Check it out.

Hard Working Americans-self titled

Adam Carroll-Let it Choose You

John Fullbright-Songs

Travis Linville-Out on the Wire

Parker Millsap-Self Titled

Mike McClure and Joe Hardy-(Uh-Coo-stik)

Dirty River Boys-Self titled

Shovels and Rope-Swimmin' time

Kierston White-Don't Write Love Songs

Michael Oneal-Family Business

Dec 17, 2014


I love music, and I love the holidays. And I know some will call me a Grinch but I just never really liked Christmas music that much. The biggest reason being they have all been done almost a million times, literally... However, Erick Willis, one of the guys that we absolutely love here at RDBC, just put out his version of  "Mary Did You Know" and well... it melted this old heart and really struck a cord with me. In the spirit of giving, here it is folks.

2014 Top 10 Songs - Guest Post by Will McPherson

by Will McPherson
We are coming towards the end of the year that has brought us a lot of great music and a lot of upcoming singer/songwriters from all over this great nation of ours and with that comes the end of a great year in music that has brought a wide variety of songs and disc that have came with rave reviews as well as chart topping singles along with hidden gyms... Here are my list of top featured songs from 2014…

1-Bubba Westly & Interstate Heartbreak- From the self titled Cd featuring Roses -
2-Mark Allan Atwood-Crazy about me from the Alive and Well Cd
3-Miranda Lambert-Automatic from the Platinum Cd
4-Lee Ann Womack-The Way I’m Living from the The Way I’m Living Cd
5-Richie Allbright & Jarrod Birmingham-You Can’t Take Away My Music from the Kickin’ Down The Door Cd
6-Wade Bowen-West Texas Rain from the self titled Cd
7-Corey Kane-Leaving Me Lonely-From the That Man Cd
8-Sunny Sweeney-Carolina on the line from the Provoked Cd
9-Kenny Harrell-Tonight from the Reckless Cd
10-Natalie Rose- Lonely Home-

Lots of choices so hard to narrow it down and if 2014 is any indication of how 2015 will be then we are in for a helluva year musically..

Dec 8, 2014


Bryce Dicus is exactly the kind of guy the RDBC artist showdown was designed to feature. A guy fairly new to the scene. Someone that most of us have not heard yet; but someone who is doing good things with their music. We let you, the fans, choose the showdown winner each month in hopes that these guys can continue to gain momentum moving forward. These are your guys. The artists we feature here are the artists you want to know more about. with that, I give you a little more on just who Bryce Dicus is.

RDBC: Generic first question, what made you want to get into music?
Bryce: I have always been obsessed with the music and the radio. My grandpa bought me a guitar when I was 12 and I began playing guitar in the band at church. He passed away the summer of '07 when I left for college. I had focused more on wrestling my Jr and Sr year of HS and didn't play guitar as much. I ended up going to college on a wrestling scholarship but moved home after having knee surgeries. I started bartending and making friends with the Tulsa area musicians. Mike Barham was the first guy to get me on stage to play guitar with a band. They had always try to get me to sing but I never would. Then one night back in late July of 2013, I was bartending at an open jam and Miles Williams got me to play and  told me to suck it up and sing one. So I did. The next week I opened for Mike Barham and have been playing shows non stop ever since.
RDBC: Who are some of your biggest influences?
Bryce: The local guys around Tulsa have been a big influence. Guys like Miles Williams, Don Collins, Mike Barham, Brad Hargrove and more. They helped me get started and still give me advice anytime I call. Some of my bigger name influences are guys like Cody Johnson Band, James Lann, and Rhett Akins.

RDBC: Have you released on album yet or when can people expect to see one?
Bryce: I released a single on Itunes in July of 2014. I am currently working on finishing the rest of the songs for the EP and hoping to have it out in early 2015.

RDBC: What are your long-term career goals? 
Bryce: My career goals for now, are to get a single or even multiple singles on the Texas Charts. A number one single is always a plus. And a big goal is to continue to stay true to my music and my writing. I want to keep it mine. I don't want to let someone come in and take control and tell me what to do in order for me to "make it".
RDBC: In regard to your music, how will you define the word “success”?
Bryce: In my mind I have already succeeded in music. I have played my original songs and have had fans come up and tell me how much they liked them or request them at shows. Big time success is not that important to me. Yes, I want to be a big name artist I would be lying if I said I didn't want that. But I am going to continue to play because I have fun with it and music is what I love. So in my mind having fans come out just to see me is success.
Bryce has talent. He seems to be grounded and focused on the right path. These are the guys I root for to make it. Make sure you follow him on his social media sites listed below to see what the guy has up his sleeve. This is for certain, not the only time you will be hearing about him. 

Dec 1, 2014


Well, 2014, has been a little bit of a different year for me. I’ve played less shows than I have in quite some time, but I’ve played better shows and traveled more than I ever have. My definite highlight of the year was getting to travel to Sturgis, SD and playing at the world famous Buffalo Chip campground. Sturgis is just as crazy as everyone says it is. It should be experienced by everyone at least once in their lives.

As far as the Oklahoma scene, I got to play a lot of cool shows this year. Two of my favorites were being included in the Medicine Stone festival and the Stone River festival. Nothing like a couple of good festivals to really see how top notch Oklahoma artists and music really is. I personally don’t think there’s another State in the nation that puts out the quality of music that comes from Oklahoma. More highlights include getting to play a lot of acoustic shows with who I consider to be the “youngin’s” in the scene. Eli Howard, Dylan Stewart, Patrick Winsett, Cale Lester, and handful of other guys. I had been a little worried over the last couple of years over the lack of good, young songwriters in Oklahoma, but this year definitely restored a little faith in that aspect of the scene.

I got to catch up with some of my dear friends this year as well. One thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve never seen crowds respond to a band the way they do the Turnpike Troubadours. A few years ago I told a friend of mine that they would be the biggest thing in so called “Country” music within a couple of years. I see no reason to still not believe in that statement. I’m happy for those guys and proud to call them my friends. I also got to see my longtime friend, John Moreland, again. What can I say about that guy except that he’s the best songwriter I know. I’m lucky to have some co-writes with him on a couple of my records. I’m really looking forward to hearing his new record coming out early next year.

Now, as far as a “Tops” list for Oklahoma music that came out in 2014, I’m not sure that I can do one. The Tom Skinner EP’s that have came out over the last year have been a mainstay in the cd player in the band van. I realized that every time I go off on a long run of shows or get a little down and tired in the scene, I find myself attending a Skinner show on a Wednesday night at the Colony in Tulsa for a recharge. To me it’s really kind of like a religious experience. No matter how good you think you are, how many shows you do, how tired you are, how down you are, etc. etc.. Tom has the ability to make you trudge on and want to do bigger and better things with your music.. At least he does that for me….Other great releases this year that have gotten a lot of time late night driving from town to town, gig to gig, or just getting home are Chad Sullins & The Last Call Coalition, John Fullbright, and Bo Phillips.. Can’t go wrong with those cats.. They know what’s going on and how to write songs that eat you up with emotion..

I don’t know if it’s my “Top” release of the year, but I will say it’s been my favorite for the last month and it took me completely by surprise because I didn’t even know that he had came out with a new record (shame on me), but, Randy Crouch’s new record, Got No Reason, is a gem of a rock and roll record. I’ve known Randy for a number of years and he might be the biggest treasure in Oklahoma music to date. I’ve never met a more hospitable, encouraging, supportive musician in Oklahoma scene. My hats off to him for just being the coolest, bad ass Okie I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and doing shows with.

A couple of last things in my 2014 recollections. I released my latest record, Burn, in January. Burn is and was 14 songs of me. The way I like to play and write music. If you wanna know a little about my music, listen to Burn and it’ll lead you right down the road of BC. It’s a little bit of everything.

The last thing I’ll mention is my biggest accomplishment this year was getting sober. For the past 15 years I’ve outdrank everyone I know. No kidding.. February 19th of this year, I decided to kick the habit. I haven’t touched a drop since. It’s really been the best decision I’ve made for myself (and my family) in a long, long, long, long time. I never realized how much of dark hole, tailspin I was in until I cleared up my head and reflected on all of my years of drinking. It was the cause of 99.9% of the problems in my life. Long story short, I’m a lot better person and happier than I’ve been in years. As much as I drank, it is possible to kick it to the curb and get past the need for alcohol in this business. I’m proof that it can happen..

Anyway, I’ve got some good changes and curve balls coming up in 2015 that I hope everyone will enjoy. I’ve got an acoustic album of my old BCB songs coming out in December and I’ve got a good group on new songs written to go towards recording a new, full band, rock record starting in January. I’m looking forward to kicking 2015’s ass. Although I played less in 2014 than I have in a long time, I get the feeling that something good is just around the corner so I guess you guys and gals have to put up with me for another year!