Nov 20, 2014


Do you like your music country with Americana mixed with a little Honky Tonk? Then you have to check out the guys in Silo Road. I discovered these guys a few weeks ago and they have managed to dig their claws into my ear holes with relentlessly catchy tunes. This Austin based band has only been together about 2 years but you wouldn't know it from listening to any of the songs on their 2014 EP Volume 1. Their current single off the EP "4 Quarters" is currently sneaking around just outside of the top 50 on the Texas charts but still rising.

On an album of nothing but great tunes, one of the tracks on the album that I really liked is "Set Me Up." It's a little different and a bit more rocking honky-tonk vibe. That's the type of stuff we like at RDBC. Music that sets itself apart and when you hear it, it makes you listen. Silo Road have done that. There is no cookie cutter formula following tune on this EP. They say there is a full album coming in 2015 and I suggest you pay attention for details. In the mean-time you can check out the band and hear samples of their music on their website.

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