Nov 7, 2014


Photo by B.J. Yeager
Dylan Stewart first appeared on my musical scope almost 2 years ago now. I got him as the opener for a band in Oklahoma one night and knew from the first note that he was a different breed of musician. Another in a long line of true story telling Oklahoma songwriters, Dylan's gritty vocal stylings and stage show set him apart from your local bar bands.  We have featured him here on RDBC before but winning the first fan voted spotlight actually comes at an opportune time for Stewart. He has some new music in the works and we had a chance to chat with him about it recently.

RDBC:  You have kinda slowed down and taken a little time off. Can you tell us what you have been up to?

DYLAN: We have been tracking a new record at McClure's studio (Boohatch). It's been a bit of a secret just because I wanted to get it right and not let any outside distractions in. Jon Knudson of Whiskey Myers is co-producing it with Mac. My band are all on it. It's going to be a good one.

RDBC: What can you tell us about the new music and such?

DYLAN:  I've written all the new songs in the last year and a half since the last album. Only a few had been played live up until recently. We are playing them all now. That's all I'm gonna reveal so far. Want to hear more you have to come to a show.

RDBC: What is different with this album vs the last one?

DYLAN: Better songs. Better band. I'm older and more evolved I feel. All the way around just better. I've learn how to say it like it needs to be said. No bullshit. And my band is extraordinary at taking an acoustically played fresh original to the next level. It's dark and light. I think y'all will like it.

RDBC: What can we expect coming up from you and the band?

DYLAN: We are going to launch a Kickstarter soon to let the good people help us finish it. Mixing, mastering, duplication, promotion. That shit costs some dollars, man. If all goes well hopefully the album will be out by March 2015. And look for more new announcements very soon. New things are brewin'. Use these to catch the news. Facebook: Dylan Stewart & the Johnny Strangers Twitter: @dylanwstewart


Anonymous said...

I really like Dylan, I think he is a talented songwriter, my only slight suggestion is that sometimes when singing he tries too hard to by raspy/gritty and it comes off as overdone and calculated, I think further maturity will help him realize that just singing naturally without trying to add effect to his tone will produce the sound people want to hear, he has a unique instrument, sometimes less is more, lots of potential, looking forward to hearing his new material. said...

He is one of the most interesting artists from all those I've ever known. I think that I would like to see more artists working in this way.

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