Oct 14, 2014


New music Tuesday is always one of my favorite days. Sometimes I get to share stuff that you guys have all been aware of and waiting for. Other times I get to share something that you may not have heard but I have had in my rotation for a while. Today is the latter, and is one that I promise will get stuck in your playlist just as it has in mine.

Erick Willis has recently released a phenomenal full album that displays exactly what is is that makes him an artist to watch in the Texas music scene.  The album titled Please is 10 tracks of "damn that was good." A couple of the songs are reworks from earlier ep's and the new versions are even better. When given the chance to let it rip with a full band release Willis has perfectly captured the energy and soulful vibes that audiences have come to expect from his live shows.

The thing that has always brought me to appreciate Willis' music is that he is a wordsmith as well as a performer. The words and stories in his songs are real. They may not be his story but they are yours, and they are mine. The title track "Please" from this album was a favorite of mine and I was glad to see it here. Take a look at an acoustic stripped down version of it here.

You can get the album now at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other online outlets.

For more on Erick go here www.erickwillismusic.com

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