Jun 11, 2014


 Some days there really seems to be an endless quantity of gifted singer/songwriters in Texas and Oklahoma. Just about the time I feel like I have found most of the notable guys out there, another comes along and proves me wrong. This weekend I had the good fortune to discover a gentleman named Evin Brady.

Evin is an Oklahoma guy that I had honestly not heard of before this past Sunday. He was part of a benefit in support of Chad Sullins & the Last Call Coalition and only sang 3 songs that night. But what I heard from him on Sunday night was enough to grab my ear and make me pay close attention. In a state that is filled to the brim with great country and red dirt musicians, Evin has found a sound all his own and does it well.

What I heard I can only describe as a kind of southern soul. Take a little red dirt- mix it up with some soul and r&b and spin that sound around some very well penned lyrics and you have Evin Brady. The video below is for his song "Long Way From Home" and it is one that I heard from him last Sunday. I was hooked before he was even half way through the song. Give a listen here and make sure you check him out at the links below. 

Evin Brady on Facebook here
Reverbnation  here

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