Jun 18, 2014


Well, here we are. This will be the first installment of 5Q2 (5 Quick Questions) here on RDBC. The events that are about to take place here are mostly irrelevant but that is kinda the point. Every music blog & website seems to take things too seriously these days. Not here. What will follow is a string of the most random questions I could find in order to show a lighter side to some of your favorite artists.

Being a new feature, I wanted to make sure I chose a highly talented singer or musician who could use some exposure, and potentially waste their time with these 5 asinine questions. Zach Coffey agreed to be the guinea pig here  for some reason and did not disappoint. Zach is a fairly new guy to the scene but is seeing a tremendous amount of success with his single "I Love You Anyway." It is an incredible song that is currently sitting in the top 20 on both Texas music charts and climbing fast. Not a bad outing for a guy's debut single. The video for it is below.

Here is the 5Q2 and answers from Zach and the guys in his band.

1. Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to read minds and why? 
I'm sitting with my band at a brewery in New Mexico while I'm answering these questions, so you're getting a group input. We decided if we could read minds we would end up in too many fights. So, we all decided invisibility would be a better option for us. But, we don't think we can say why haha.

2. When someone has bad breath do you tell them or try and ignore it?
I ignore it. I'm a fairly nice guy, so I try to grin and bear it. Then I go talk about how bad their breath smelled. Like I said...nice guy.

3. What’s something you keep telling yourself you’re going to do, but keep putting off?
Model for Playgirl. Haha! We all decided we should lose a few LB's, but beer and Whataburger are just so good! You hear that Whataburger? Free taquitos?

4.You discover a crystal ball that can tell you the truth about ONE thing in your life– past, future, or present.  What would you want to know?
My bass player, Ian, said he would want to know what he is having for dinner haha. I don't know if I would want to know anything from a crystal ball. We are an independent artist (not completely by choice) and sometimes when we're sitting in a bad hotel room in a city we don't know anyone we want to know when it's going to "happen" for us. But, I also see us growing as a band, as writers, and as artists every day. So, I think I just want to enjoy the ride and look back at these nights with a fondness and appreciate what we have. Then we'll get on our bed and be thankful we aren't doing it anymore haha.

5. List 5 things you want to do before you die.
Scarlett Johansen, BeyoncĂ©....oh wait. (kidding) 
Here's a collective from us:
1. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
2. Go to space haha
3. Share a stage with our favorite artists
4. I want to go to every MLB stadium (I'm only at 8)
5. Honestly, and this is sappy, before I die, I want everyone I've met to be able to look at me and say "That was a good dude. He lived genuinely." There is a quote that I heard that I try and always remember at the end of the night after a long show. "Music is only as good as what's inside the person playing it".

Now that was fun. Better than I even expected. I think it's pretty cool to get a glimpse at these guys and see a side of an artist you might not usually see. That is what this feature will be all about.

Thanks for being such good sports about it guys. 

For more on Zach Coffey go HERE


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