May 9, 2014


One of the things I love is to find a stripped down version of one of my favorite songs. To me, music is at it's best when it's simple. Just a man and a guitar is sometimes all you need to make something truly amazing. It cuts to the heart of a song and forces it to stand on it's own. That is what sets great songwriting apart from good songwriting and great production.

Whiskey Myers' new single "Dogwood" is one of my favorite songs on their real damn good Early Morning Shakes album released recently. Check out this acoustic version of "Dogwood" here and make sure you grab the new album if you haven't already and make sure you request "Dogwood" at your local TX/Red Dirt radio station.

For more on Whiskey Myers go HERE


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I've never seen or heard them before. I hope they are really good, you know, I like the way they look. said...

Looks cool. Those beard, T-shirts and interesting voices. I do like their works!

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