Apr 14, 2014


Well, it looks like it's time to add another name to the growing list of amazing talents coming out of south Texas these days. Jeff Whitehead calls Austin, TX home and his name will be one you will want to know. Maybe there is just something in the water down there. Or perhaps, it's the proximity to guys like Chris King, K Phillips or any of the other songwriters down that way that anyone trying to write real music needs to experience.

Jeff recently released his album Bloodhound Heart and has started to garner a good bit of well deserved attention. His first single off of the album "Never Going Back" is a testament to what he has accomplished on this album. It is a well rounded effort with a vibe that fluctuates between genre boundaries bringing light to the stellar collection of rocking blues tinted Americana country on the album. Throughout the album, keyboard and steel guitar are perfectly melded to accentuate the honest and sincere nature of Whitehead's songwriting. 

Check out "Never Going Back" here. 

For more on Jeff go here--> http://www.jeffwhiteheadmusic.com/

Apr 10, 2014


War Pony. Another product of Mike McClure and the magic of the Boohatch basement. "Unpolished" is probably my favorite off of their sophomore album Light It Up, but then every other song on it ties for 2nd... The album is a little country, a little rock, but absolutely full of great tunes. They could possibly be one of the best kept secrets in Oklahoma music right now. But every good secret gets out eventually. Check them out today.

For more info on the War Pony guys go to their reverbnation or Facebook pages

Apr 7, 2014

Of Course the ACM Awards Sucked... That's Why I Watch!

If you are like most people who listen to some form of country music you know by now that the ACM award show was on last night. And of course today I have seen so many people asking why others bother to talk crap or waste time on the big music award shows. It's simple really. It's the same reason I go to awful, cheesy, low grade horror movies. It's funny to me.

To me, those award shows contain entertainment value simply based on what I like to call the "train wreck potential." I posted dozens of comments about the show last night on my RDBC Facebook page and they were all in fun. I know it's going to be bad. That's part of the fun of it for me.

Every now and then we get lucky with a Texas artist getting thrown a bone in a speech because they wrote the best song Nashville put out last year. Or I don't know, maybe even win the Album of The Year. (GO KACEY MUSGRAVES). Those are simply icing on the cake moments. And this year there were a few of them.

The Merle Haggard tribute was spot on. That's how an artist tribute should be. It was also nice to see him get the Crystal Milestone Award (albeit years after Aldean and Taylor Swift won WTF ACM's?) Also, hats off to Garth Brooks for taking off his hat when he shook Merle Haggard's hand. That's country right there y'all. Nothing like the two clowns hosting the show joking about taking selfies with George Strait who was obviously not impressed with the joke.

Also, who doesn't love a good after show controversy because a losing team gets pissy? It's human nature to be intrigued by turmoil and chaos. Camp Luke Bryan has proven to be the whiners of the week in their bashing of George Strait after he bit out the mangina king Luke for Entertainer of the year. (see that here courtesy of farcethemusic.com)

 I understand that some people don't appreciate it at all. Just like some people don't appreciate cheesy films... That's the beauty of this life, we don't all share the same opinions and views. I'll take a good laugh over just being complaining about the state of music every day.

Apr 3, 2014


Every so often a band or  musician that hails from outside the borders of Texas or Oklahoma comes along and takes a seat at the table around here. Artists like Adam Hood, Chris Knight, and others have all found a home in our scene. American Aquarium may be one of the newest additions but they have proven they belong.

Great music and awesome performances have established them as one of our TX/OK family's favorite cousins. I have seen a couple of their shows and they continue to improve, grow, and cement themselves as a fixture not only around the TX/OK music scene but anywhere that fans appreciate great music.

The song here is a new song, played acoustic in a gondola somewhere in the mountains of Colorado. here it is and I hope you enjoy "Man I'm Supposed to Be."

For More on American Aquarium go HERE