Mar 5, 2014


Brad Beheler over at Galleywinter is my fuckin' hero. That write up he did talking about how you shouldn't support something that sucks is A'ok in my book. I do hope that people don't go be all baby like and get their Pampers twisted just because he called out Kevin Fowler. Truth be told it has been a long time coming and could have been any number of the jack wagons that we as fans continually push to the top of the Texas music charts.

In fact, any one that follows me knows that I have echoed similar statements in the past. (see here)The main difference is that Brad and Galleywinter have established themselves as a respected voice. People listen to their opinions and even when they disagree they are still respected for it. But people like me, the new guy, the little guy, we mention anything remotely negative about anything in this scene and it's on like gangbusters. People come out of the woodworks to attack or defend something that in all likelihood is shit.

I don't openly give much negative criticism because of the misguided loyalty induced mob/ horde mentality that is often accompanied with saying anything bad or negative in this scene. Instead, I choose to not mention it. Odds are if something new came out and I didn't like it, you will never know. I will simply not say anything about it because I choose not to be one of the mindless drones that promotes everything just because it got released in Texas. In a way, that is also me just contributing to the problem.

I want to thank Brad for taking a stand. Yes there is crap put out by some of the biggest names in our scene. AND THAT'S OK PEOPLE!!! Everyone puts out a bad song now and then. I believe that there is a fine line between negative criticism and out right bashing something. You can say why you don't like something without being an asshole about it. However, if we don't speak our minds truthfully and say when we think something sucks, the same mindless drivel continues to infiltrate our music until we are left with something we don't recognize at all. See Nashville and "mainstream" country music for the blueprint on that one.

Personally, I do not want that to happen here. I have embraced our music scene because of it's higher standards and it's want to be more real and sincere. I listen to it because I can relate to it more than I do popular country. If you like all of the mind numbing beer drinking, back roads driving, party in a pasture songs then good for you, but by all means take your ass to Nashville. I beg of you not to weaken the gene pool of the Texas music scene any further.

Real music, good music, is about much more than that.

Thanks Brad.

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