Jan 31, 2014


Shinyribs front-man Kevin Russell has been one of my favorite musicians for a
long while now. When I lived in Austin years ago I got to see him as a member of the Austin band The Gourds many times and was a huge fan from the first show. After a near 20 year run The Gourds announced a hiatus that has allowed Russell to focus more on what he has had as a side project for a few years in the band Shinyribs.

Shinyribs is pretty much the perfect embodiment of everything that I love about music. It is a group of guys that love music and have some of the most original and  most fun songs you will ever experience. Throw one hell of a live show packed with energy and Russell showing off the sweetest dance moves this side of Magic Mike and you have yourself more of a party than a concert. 

The second Shinyribs album Gulf Coast Museum was released last year and has been generating quite a bit of attention for the band down in south Texas. That album is so unique and encompasses a masterful blend of jazz/folk/rock/country stylings with just the right touch of ukulele to add the Kevin Russell funk to it. Add to that several stellar performances at this year's Musicfest in Steamboat Springs and things seem to be looking pretty good for these guys.

Check them out here ---> http://www.shinyribs.org/

Get the music here ---> Gulf Coast Museum

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