Jan 10, 2014

My Musicfest 2014 Highlights

Musicfest 2014 in Steamboat Springs, CO is officially over. There were so many amazing artists and shows this year, the hardest part of this whole week was choosing which show to miss because there were just too many going down at the same time. I am just going to give you a quick rundown of the things that really made my Musicfest awesome this year.

Me & JP Long Gallywinter dude/ Lincoln Durham TM
Beyond the music, for me it was about meeting & hanging out with people that share my love of music. I finally got to meet some people I talk to on social media pretty often as well as some of the artists we have featured here on RDBC. I also got to meet and talk with one of my biggest inspirations in this crazy ongoing pursuit of mine. I am going to hit you with my highlights of this year's Musicfest. These are the things outside of the big names, playing in the big tent and the ballrooms. Some of the best music at Musicfest often gets missed because it's in the smaller venues.

Uncle Lucius... These guys continue to up the ante at Musicfest. During my first trip to Musicfest they killed it at every show they played and destroyed the crowd at the big tent with a kick in your teeth cover of Black Sabbath's War Pigs during the all-star jam. This year it was a much more simplified performance that created one of the most talked about shows of the week. Somewhere around song 4 of their performance in the big tent the power went out and they lost all of their sound equipment. Watch the video below to see what happened next.

Shinyribs... It's really hard to put a Shinyribs show into words. It really is more of an experience than a concert. Every show they had was so much fun. The unique style that they bring to the table brought a party to every stage they graced during Musicfest. Kevin Russell actually stepped off stage and lead a conga line through one of the shows while they were                                           playing.

Lincoln Durham... I have been following this guy for a while but had never got to see him live. I caught every show he had at Musicfest. Every year there is one artist that seems to generate a buzz amongst the festival goers. This year that was this guy. During one of his performances I saw several other artists not just at the show, but sitting in the floor right in front of the stage really watching and into his performance. Watch out for this guy, I promise you that he will be making                                          an impact this year.

Zac Wilkerson... The hidden gem of the Musicfest week is an everyday open mic that allows people attending the chance to get up and perform for us. It's a great way for artists not playing at the fest to showcase themselves for the crowd. One guy that made me take notice was Zac Wilkerson. This guy has a smooth and soulful but powerful voice that plays well with some great songwriting. I saw him twice at the open mic and as opener for a show with The Damn Quails this week. If he isn't at Musicfest                                             2015 as a festival artist, there is something broken                                               somewhere.

There were several other amazing performances this year and I'm not snubbing any of them by not mentioning them here. If I were to list everything that I loved about Musicfest 2014 I would be writing a novel and not a blog... That being said, Musicfest really is an incredible experience. I already pre-reserved my spot for next year so maybe I will see you there.

Shinyribs ---> http://www.shinyribs.org/

Lincoln Durham---> http://www.lincolndurham.com/

Zac Wilkerson ---> http://www.zacwilkersonmusic.com/

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