Dec 29, 2014


Over the 3 years that I have been doing RDBC, the end of the year Top Albums list has proven to be one of the hardest things I do. I can review albums and talk to artists all day long, but narrowing down the music that had the biggest impact on me throughout the year is like trying to pick a favorite Braun brother. It's next to impossible some year's. This year has proven exceptionally difficult and there was simply no way I could limit the top albums to 10. So, here is the list of the top 20 albums that got the most played around RDBC this year.

1. John Fullbright - Songs
2. Parker Millsap - Self Titled
3. Zac Wilkerson & the Wayward Souls - Self Titled
4. Whiskey Myers - Early Morning Shakes
5. The Washers - Everything At Once
6. Jason Eady - Daylight & Dark
7. Adam Hood - Welcome to the Big World
8. The Bigsbys - Good Will Suitcase
9. Erick Willis - Please
10. Mike Ryan - Bad Reputation
11. Jeff Whitehead - Bloodhound Heart
12. Kierston White - Don't Write Love Songs
13. Stoney LaRue- Aviator
14. Josh Grider - Luck & Desire
15. Midnight River Choir - Fresh Air
16. Dolly Shine - All In
17. Kelley Mickwee - You Used to Live Here
18. Dirt River Boys - Self Titled
19. Chad Sullins & The Last Call Coalition - Wicked Spell
20. Drew Kennedy - Sad Songs Happily Played

Dec 23, 2014


I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone that has followed along with us for another year here at RDBC. We were very busy with other projects this year and didn't have as much time to post as we have in the past but they didn't slow down our growth. There were some cool new features added, like the Showdown and the video pages, that we added to keep you guys coming back and checking out great new music. Those additions lead to some increased traffic and this year we hit a huge milestone for us here in our little corner of the web. RDBC managed to hit well over 100,000 page views this year with fewer posts than the previous year and that is incredible. None of that would be possible with out you guys. We have some great things in store for the coming year and can't wait to see where things lead us come this time next year. Thank you for supporting RDBC in everything we did this year.

Dec 22, 2014


To round out the year, just like last year I asked a few people to contribute to the end of the year best of lists. One of the folks I chipping in was our November featured artist Dylan Stewart. I Like seeing which albums my favorite musicians like, because I see it as a glimpse into the music that continues to mold and inspire their own music. Dylan did not disappoint and several of his top 10 albums this year are also on my top albums list that will be posted later today.  Check it out.

Hard Working Americans-self titled

Adam Carroll-Let it Choose You

John Fullbright-Songs

Travis Linville-Out on the Wire

Parker Millsap-Self Titled

Mike McClure and Joe Hardy-(Uh-Coo-stik)

Dirty River Boys-Self titled

Shovels and Rope-Swimmin' time

Kierston White-Don't Write Love Songs

Michael Oneal-Family Business

Dec 17, 2014


I love music, and I love the holidays. And I know some will call me a Grinch but I just never really liked Christmas music that much. The biggest reason being they have all been done almost a million times, literally... However, Erick Willis, one of the guys that we absolutely love here at RDBC, just put out his version of  "Mary Did You Know" and well... it melted this old heart and really struck a cord with me. In the spirit of giving, here it is folks.

2014 Top 10 Songs - Guest Post by Will McPherson

by Will McPherson
We are coming towards the end of the year that has brought us a lot of great music and a lot of upcoming singer/songwriters from all over this great nation of ours and with that comes the end of a great year in music that has brought a wide variety of songs and disc that have came with rave reviews as well as chart topping singles along with hidden gyms... Here are my list of top featured songs from 2014…

1-Bubba Westly & Interstate Heartbreak- From the self titled Cd featuring Roses -
2-Mark Allan Atwood-Crazy about me from the Alive and Well Cd
3-Miranda Lambert-Automatic from the Platinum Cd
4-Lee Ann Womack-The Way I’m Living from the The Way I’m Living Cd
5-Richie Allbright & Jarrod Birmingham-You Can’t Take Away My Music from the Kickin’ Down The Door Cd
6-Wade Bowen-West Texas Rain from the self titled Cd
7-Corey Kane-Leaving Me Lonely-From the That Man Cd
8-Sunny Sweeney-Carolina on the line from the Provoked Cd
9-Kenny Harrell-Tonight from the Reckless Cd
10-Natalie Rose- Lonely Home-

Lots of choices so hard to narrow it down and if 2014 is any indication of how 2015 will be then we are in for a helluva year musically..

Dec 8, 2014


Bryce Dicus is exactly the kind of guy the RDBC artist showdown was designed to feature. A guy fairly new to the scene. Someone that most of us have not heard yet; but someone who is doing good things with their music. We let you, the fans, choose the showdown winner each month in hopes that these guys can continue to gain momentum moving forward. These are your guys. The artists we feature here are the artists you want to know more about. with that, I give you a little more on just who Bryce Dicus is.

RDBC: Generic first question, what made you want to get into music?
Bryce: I have always been obsessed with the music and the radio. My grandpa bought me a guitar when I was 12 and I began playing guitar in the band at church. He passed away the summer of '07 when I left for college. I had focused more on wrestling my Jr and Sr year of HS and didn't play guitar as much. I ended up going to college on a wrestling scholarship but moved home after having knee surgeries. I started bartending and making friends with the Tulsa area musicians. Mike Barham was the first guy to get me on stage to play guitar with a band. They had always try to get me to sing but I never would. Then one night back in late July of 2013, I was bartending at an open jam and Miles Williams got me to play and  told me to suck it up and sing one. So I did. The next week I opened for Mike Barham and have been playing shows non stop ever since.
RDBC: Who are some of your biggest influences?
Bryce: The local guys around Tulsa have been a big influence. Guys like Miles Williams, Don Collins, Mike Barham, Brad Hargrove and more. They helped me get started and still give me advice anytime I call. Some of my bigger name influences are guys like Cody Johnson Band, James Lann, and Rhett Akins.

RDBC: Have you released on album yet or when can people expect to see one?
Bryce: I released a single on Itunes in July of 2014. I am currently working on finishing the rest of the songs for the EP and hoping to have it out in early 2015.

RDBC: What are your long-term career goals? 
Bryce: My career goals for now, are to get a single or even multiple singles on the Texas Charts. A number one single is always a plus. And a big goal is to continue to stay true to my music and my writing. I want to keep it mine. I don't want to let someone come in and take control and tell me what to do in order for me to "make it".
RDBC: In regard to your music, how will you define the word “success”?
Bryce: In my mind I have already succeeded in music. I have played my original songs and have had fans come up and tell me how much they liked them or request them at shows. Big time success is not that important to me. Yes, I want to be a big name artist I would be lying if I said I didn't want that. But I am going to continue to play because I have fun with it and music is what I love. So in my mind having fans come out just to see me is success.
Bryce has talent. He seems to be grounded and focused on the right path. These are the guys I root for to make it. Make sure you follow him on his social media sites listed below to see what the guy has up his sleeve. This is for certain, not the only time you will be hearing about him. 

Dec 1, 2014


Well, 2014, has been a little bit of a different year for me. I’ve played less shows than I have in quite some time, but I’ve played better shows and traveled more than I ever have. My definite highlight of the year was getting to travel to Sturgis, SD and playing at the world famous Buffalo Chip campground. Sturgis is just as crazy as everyone says it is. It should be experienced by everyone at least once in their lives.

As far as the Oklahoma scene, I got to play a lot of cool shows this year. Two of my favorites were being included in the Medicine Stone festival and the Stone River festival. Nothing like a couple of good festivals to really see how top notch Oklahoma artists and music really is. I personally don’t think there’s another State in the nation that puts out the quality of music that comes from Oklahoma. More highlights include getting to play a lot of acoustic shows with who I consider to be the “youngin’s” in the scene. Eli Howard, Dylan Stewart, Patrick Winsett, Cale Lester, and handful of other guys. I had been a little worried over the last couple of years over the lack of good, young songwriters in Oklahoma, but this year definitely restored a little faith in that aspect of the scene.

I got to catch up with some of my dear friends this year as well. One thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve never seen crowds respond to a band the way they do the Turnpike Troubadours. A few years ago I told a friend of mine that they would be the biggest thing in so called “Country” music within a couple of years. I see no reason to still not believe in that statement. I’m happy for those guys and proud to call them my friends. I also got to see my longtime friend, John Moreland, again. What can I say about that guy except that he’s the best songwriter I know. I’m lucky to have some co-writes with him on a couple of my records. I’m really looking forward to hearing his new record coming out early next year.

Now, as far as a “Tops” list for Oklahoma music that came out in 2014, I’m not sure that I can do one. The Tom Skinner EP’s that have came out over the last year have been a mainstay in the cd player in the band van. I realized that every time I go off on a long run of shows or get a little down and tired in the scene, I find myself attending a Skinner show on a Wednesday night at the Colony in Tulsa for a recharge. To me it’s really kind of like a religious experience. No matter how good you think you are, how many shows you do, how tired you are, how down you are, etc. etc.. Tom has the ability to make you trudge on and want to do bigger and better things with your music.. At least he does that for me….Other great releases this year that have gotten a lot of time late night driving from town to town, gig to gig, or just getting home are Chad Sullins & The Last Call Coalition, John Fullbright, and Bo Phillips.. Can’t go wrong with those cats.. They know what’s going on and how to write songs that eat you up with emotion..

I don’t know if it’s my “Top” release of the year, but I will say it’s been my favorite for the last month and it took me completely by surprise because I didn’t even know that he had came out with a new record (shame on me), but, Randy Crouch’s new record, Got No Reason, is a gem of a rock and roll record. I’ve known Randy for a number of years and he might be the biggest treasure in Oklahoma music to date. I’ve never met a more hospitable, encouraging, supportive musician in Oklahoma scene. My hats off to him for just being the coolest, bad ass Okie I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and doing shows with.

A couple of last things in my 2014 recollections. I released my latest record, Burn, in January. Burn is and was 14 songs of me. The way I like to play and write music. If you wanna know a little about my music, listen to Burn and it’ll lead you right down the road of BC. It’s a little bit of everything.

The last thing I’ll mention is my biggest accomplishment this year was getting sober. For the past 15 years I’ve outdrank everyone I know. No kidding.. February 19th of this year, I decided to kick the habit. I haven’t touched a drop since. It’s really been the best decision I’ve made for myself (and my family) in a long, long, long, long time. I never realized how much of dark hole, tailspin I was in until I cleared up my head and reflected on all of my years of drinking. It was the cause of 99.9% of the problems in my life. Long story short, I’m a lot better person and happier than I’ve been in years. As much as I drank, it is possible to kick it to the curb and get past the need for alcohol in this business. I’m proof that it can happen..

Anyway, I’ve got some good changes and curve balls coming up in 2015 that I hope everyone will enjoy. I’ve got an acoustic album of my old BCB songs coming out in December and I’ve got a good group on new songs written to go towards recording a new, full band, rock record starting in January. I’m looking forward to kicking 2015’s ass. Although I played less in 2014 than I have in a long time, I get the feeling that something good is just around the corner so I guess you guys and gals have to put up with me for another year!

Nov 28, 2014

The Ten Commandments of Being an Awesome Female Texas Artist

Commandment 2: Support Isn’t Limited to Push Up Bras
By: Arwyn Benson of Calamity Janes
So…. It’s taken me 5 months to get the second part of this 10 part series to you…. Sometimes life kicks ya in the balls and life has done a LOT of lady-ball kickin’ since the last time I felt the inspiration to write anything. I’ve found it impossible to write- not a line of poetry,  not a long Facebook post… nothin’. I’ve had the emotional depth of a teaspoon- and well, that’s just not good lookin’ out  for a singer/songwriter/blogger/generally opinionated loud mouth… and I’d apologize for the length of time it took to get this next part out, but I can’t actually say sorry ‘bout that because well…. I’m not sorry. I have a lot to say when I’m feeling inspired (as you will see) and it’s taken up until today to feel inspired by much of anything. This has been marinating for a while, so put on your big girl panties, take a deep breath, grab your wine and hang on…. Shit’s about to get real.

Life has a funny way of letting you know something isn’t balanced. Life got really, really real with me (or as I affectionately like to call it- self- implosion) this year while our career continued to grow and I was left scratching my head and wondering what the actual EFF just happened.  When all was said and done, it all came down to my support system not being RIGHT. I wasn’t balancing life right and it cost me dearly.
Let’s look at the truth of the music industry in Texas for a moment- every one of us who isn’t out doing NATIONAL touring with NATIONAL booking support and promotions are blue collar musicians. None of us are or should be Hollywoodin’ it (and if you ARE stomping around Small Town, Texas with BeyoncĂ© size diva boots on but sporting William Hung level talents and abilities, then you need to re-evaluate and possibly get medication because you are delusional). What is the secret to success, fame and fortune, you ask? Well, there isn’t one thing, but there is SOMETHING that is probably more important than almost everything else: Support. I have a short list- of COURSE I have a list… what’s a woman without a list?- of important ideals on balance and support that might be helpful while we all exercise our socially acceptable form of mental illness we call a career path. While not the be-all, end-all of lists, they are ALL important in their own right.
If you think you don’t need the support of fellow musicians then you, my friend, live a very rich fantasy life. We are all just about a paycheck away from going completely broke chasing our dream and living our passion. Every single one of us. Sometimes, if our support systems aren’t right and we don’t have the right people supporting us in the right places in life, we stand to lose much more than our paycheck. Marriages…. Homes…. Lifestyles…. Perceived friends (let’s face it, if they were real friends you wouldn’t have to say you’d lost them). We rely on one another for a lot of things and the best thing we can do for each other as working musicians is to show support to one another.
As a group and as individuals the Calamity Janes are AVID supporters of live music and the working musician- the blue collar musicians, if you will- because, well… we are blue collar musicians at best. We don’t own a tour bus (yet…).  My sisters each have two kids ranging in age from 4 weeks old to 9 years old. We work. We live paycheck-to-paycheck without going all the way broke (mostly). We cook dinner, clean house, and fold laundry every day (most days…). We are working class broads that don’t come from money (Take that, T. Swift!).  
But make no mistake, if you are someone we consider a friend or you have shown our band support, we will go out of our way to support you. We will buy your merch and wear it in public places not just as a night shirt. We will come spend my time at your shows and invite people to come; Last week, I went to see one of my favorite friends and a hell of a musician- Big Joe Walker play on two different nights in two different cities. This past weekend, I drove nearly 4 hours in the pouring rain to Gruene Hall to support our good buddy Bo Phillips and his band (Ryan McCall, Luke Mullinex and James Purdy).  We will promote and share your shows on Facebook. We will re-tweet your stuff on Twitter. In fact, yesterday, I spent my last $10 in my bank account to buy my buddy Keith Owens new CD (don’t panic- today is payday!) because I support my friends and their dreams and I want them to be able to SEE my support. Saying I support you and SHOWING my support for you are two totally separate things.  
We do this because the universe will multiply our investment in and love for others. Karma has a funny was of repaying kindness with kindness and goodness with goodness. And just the opposite. You reap what you sow. Life is a garden….dig it.
Social media has made an art of showing support in the most passive way possible. Social media removes the personal effort from support of important things like legitimate musicians, artists and true talent of the world and gives it to “internet celebrities” who get famous for things like showing ALLLL  your goodies to the world (put your vagina, nipples and bare ass AWAY, Kimmy. If your name was Victoria, you’d have just told all your secrets, sister).  Liking something on social media is easy… and meaningless. It takes a second to tap the screen on your iPhone and then life goes on, often without a second thought. The time investment in someone else’s art and passion is minimal. Meanwhile, the meme you just shared on Twitter of a unicorn farting rainbows on roller skates wearing a sombrero and you get 2500 likes, 1,000 shares and 800 comments about how amazing (or stupid) this meme is or how it reminds them of their childhood pet chihuahua Pedro (because he was Mexican, you know) who used to wear a sombrero when he was feeling festive and farted a lot.
But ask someone to spend any length of time with you while you pour your heart out singing your original work (a lot of time, as a full time job to pay your bills, feed your kids, and conduct the business of your band on top of that) and the very deep well of Facebook likes, shares and comments runs dry faster than a West Texas creek in the summer. Better still- ask someone to spend $1.29 to buy your single on iTunes… tried that super-fun method of evoking self-doubt for your career path yet? We’ll approach THAT subject later!
Put the damn cell phone away. Make meaningful social connections. This is a quickly dying art form, but it’s importance can not be ignored. People will always remember how you made them feel. They will not remember your FB post (unless it’s about the rainbow farting unicorn… THAT they will remember).
No, but for real…. SCREW stealing someone’s work through free streaming or some other stupid shit. This is someone’s life work, soul and spirit pressed onto a hard plastic disc. Don’t be an asshole and ask your friend for a free CD. They are your friend. Buy their music. SHOW your support. You know how much those things cost to make? Not just the plastic disc with some print on the front but the WHOLE THING from start to finish? If you guessed somewhere in the ballpark of a down payment for a house or a year of college education at a mid-level state university for a full album without paying a radio promoter to get a person at a radio station to actually open your envelope and listen to the first minute of this disc with your Opus Magnum on it, then you are correct. $10,000 to $15,000 EASY.  My friend, Big Joe Walker, told me one time “Arwyn, it’s easier to walk up to a complete stranger on the street and ask for a dollar than it is to get people you “know” to purchase your music for the same price.” No truer words have been spoken… so, buy our crap! Don’t make us or your friends resort to panhandling. All though, we’d probably make better money that way…. Hmmm…..
In fact, kick them out of your bubble and move on. You don’t have time for that kind of negativity in your life. I can’t lie and say that we aren’t extremely lucky in the support department in a lot of aspects – I sing with my sisters. We’re basically a small, wildly inappropriate, wine drinking gang all on our own- minus the crazy initiation violence (childhood was pretty close to gang initiation though… we had a clubhouse and beat up mean boys on the playground).  Our mama is our business partner and CFO. Our friends show up for shows, encourage our work and wear our merch and with all luck will buy and share our music when our album comes out in February. BUT- not everyone has shown support for our craft- or for us on a personal level for that matter. We know there are some people who “don’t like girl bands” (ass hat) or who just don’t like us (that’s cool too… not everybody “gets” us… we probably don’t like them much either *cough* Hater *cough* judgy *cough* self-important non-musically talented person *cough*). Pardon me- I got a little choked up on my own words just then…
And finally, but probably most importantly….
I was married for 10 years to someone I never, ever in my wildest dreams thought incapable of handling being the spouse of a musician. When my marriage imploded, it went down in epic fashion. And I was totally unaware that my spouse was struggling or hated the music career that I chose. My home game was not right.  It’s a pretty well-known fact that artists have a tough road in this industry and most days gaining and keeping support can feel whole lot like you’re that circus performer that spins plates all over the place- you gotta keep ‘em all spinning without losing control of one because then it all goes to hell in a hand basket and you end up in a giant heap of useless, broken plates and your show is over- sometimes permanently.  On any given day, the most support we get is from our push-up bra- and even then, if you have a cheap bra we can use the term “support” pretty loosely (we’ve all seen the horrors on so you know what I mean).  Lacking support at home makes that road even harder. Having your life implode on you while you’re working blows.  Musician life is TOUGH to deal with. Spend more time with your band than your spouse?  Have an insecure partner? Take too long talking to fans of the opposite gender? Kiss that relationship goodbye. Harsh? Yes. True? 100%.
Being a life-partner to a musician ain’t for everyone… in fact, it’s not for most people. Not everyone dreams of living the Willie Nelson Family Band lifestyle (and those people aren’t for me… ).  When all the “cool stuff” is removed, there is a lot of trust and respect that must be given and shown, a lot of  sacrifice involved on the part of your partner and if you don’t have your home game tight and you let your house’s foundation start to crumble, you’re whole house will fall in on itself eventually. If you happen to have someone who loves you and supports your art- TAKE CARE OF THEM. Love them. Share with them. Make sure they know their place and importance in your life because if you don’t, someone else will.

The very long (winded) and short of this is all to say: Support goes a long way. Get the right people in the right places in EVERY aspect of your life and make sure they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their support and love is as important to you as air- this factor alone will have more to do with your success or failure than any other single factor.

Nov 25, 2014


One of my favorite Okie musicians has got to be Brandon Clark. He put out one of my favorite albums Burn in early 2014 and it has remained a staple in my playlist this year. Recently he announced plans to head back into the studio and then graced us with this video gem on YouTube. The video here is acoustic versions of 1 new song and 4 older songs. Check it out and enjoy.


Nov 20, 2014


Do you like your music country with Americana mixed with a little Honky Tonk? Then you have to check out the guys in Silo Road. I discovered these guys a few weeks ago and they have managed to dig their claws into my ear holes with relentlessly catchy tunes. This Austin based band has only been together about 2 years but you wouldn't know it from listening to any of the songs on their 2014 EP Volume 1. Their current single off the EP "4 Quarters" is currently sneaking around just outside of the top 50 on the Texas charts but still rising.

On an album of nothing but great tunes, one of the tracks on the album that I really liked is "Set Me Up." It's a little different and a bit more rocking honky-tonk vibe. That's the type of stuff we like at RDBC. Music that sets itself apart and when you hear it, it makes you listen. Silo Road have done that. There is no cookie cutter formula following tune on this EP. They say there is a full album coming in 2015 and I suggest you pay attention for details. In the mean-time you can check out the band and hear samples of their music on their website.

Nov 15, 2014

Ryan Beaver: A Passion For The Song and Leaving His Mark

Story by D. Collin Hudson

Talking with Ryan Beaver about his craft, it quickly becomes clear how seriously he takes on the art of songwriting.  “To me,” he says, “the song is what matters the most.”  Maybe that’s why in his short career he has already produced some highly memorable ones.  After six years of living in Austin and steadily performing around Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana, Beaver has two fine records to his credit.  “Under The Neons” was released in 2008 and “Constant” in 2011.  “Between the two full-length CD’s.” he recalled, “I guess I’ve worked about four or five songs to the Texas radio chart stations.”  Songs like “Hate,” “Streets of Austin,” and “Under the Neons” enjoyed radio airplay around Texas and the surrounding region while also earning the Emory, Texas native some notice in Music City.

Nov 7, 2014


Photo by B.J. Yeager
Dylan Stewart first appeared on my musical scope almost 2 years ago now. I got him as the opener for a band in Oklahoma one night and knew from the first note that he was a different breed of musician. Another in a long line of true story telling Oklahoma songwriters, Dylan's gritty vocal stylings and stage show set him apart from your local bar bands.  We have featured him here on RDBC before but winning the first fan voted spotlight actually comes at an opportune time for Stewart. He has some new music in the works and we had a chance to chat with him about it recently.

RDBC:  You have kinda slowed down and taken a little time off. Can you tell us what you have been up to?

DYLAN: We have been tracking a new record at McClure's studio (Boohatch). It's been a bit of a secret just because I wanted to get it right and not let any outside distractions in. Jon Knudson of Whiskey Myers is co-producing it with Mac. My band are all on it. It's going to be a good one.

RDBC: What can you tell us about the new music and such?

DYLAN:  I've written all the new songs in the last year and a half since the last album. Only a few had been played live up until recently. We are playing them all now. That's all I'm gonna reveal so far. Want to hear more you have to come to a show.

RDBC: What is different with this album vs the last one?

DYLAN: Better songs. Better band. I'm older and more evolved I feel. All the way around just better. I've learn how to say it like it needs to be said. No bullshit. And my band is extraordinary at taking an acoustically played fresh original to the next level. It's dark and light. I think y'all will like it.

RDBC: What can we expect coming up from you and the band?

DYLAN: We are going to launch a Kickstarter soon to let the good people help us finish it. Mixing, mastering, duplication, promotion. That shit costs some dollars, man. If all goes well hopefully the album will be out by March 2015. And look for more new announcements very soon. New things are brewin'. Use these to catch the news. Facebook: Dylan Stewart & the Johnny Strangers Twitter: @dylanwstewart

Oct 30, 2014


I heard rumors and saw the cell phone video of this performance for a few days now. I have been waiting for a good video of this to surface. The Counting crows did a cover one of my favorite songs from Screamin' K Phillips. If you watch closely in the start of the video you can see a rather emotional Phillips standing up front before he joins the Crows on stage. This is well deserved and much over due attention for one of the most incredible song writers in the state of Texas right now. Way to go man....


Parker Millsap has been on our musical radar around here for a while. I actually had the chance to interview him almost 2 years ago as he was in the process of writing for his new album. It really is good to see him getting the attention he deserves. Here is the CMT release of his video for the song "Truck Stop Gospel." Keep on trucking Parker... man did I really just say that?

Get More:

Oct 14, 2014


New music Tuesday is always one of my favorite days. Sometimes I get to share stuff that you guys have all been aware of and waiting for. Other times I get to share something that you may not have heard but I have had in my rotation for a while. Today is the latter, and is one that I promise will get stuck in your playlist just as it has in mine.

Erick Willis has recently released a phenomenal full album that displays exactly what is is that makes him an artist to watch in the Texas music scene.  The album titled Please is 10 tracks of "damn that was good." A couple of the songs are reworks from earlier ep's and the new versions are even better. When given the chance to let it rip with a full band release Willis has perfectly captured the energy and soulful vibes that audiences have come to expect from his live shows.

The thing that has always brought me to appreciate Willis' music is that he is a wordsmith as well as a performer. The words and stories in his songs are real. They may not be his story but they are yours, and they are mine. The title track "Please" from this album was a favorite of mine and I was glad to see it here. Take a look at an acoustic stripped down version of it here.

You can get the album now at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other online outlets.

For more on Erick go here

Sep 18, 2014


It seems that the mad scientist has been pretty busy in his basement lately. Without any real fanfare or call for attention, Mike McClure has been posting new songs to his Youtube channel lately and with virtually no mention released an album this past Monday. The album titled uh-coo-stik is an all acoustic album that was made with his evil genius partner Joe Hardy, who does mixing and just about everything else on many of McClure's projects. Whether the majority of the 10 songs on the album were just laying around and McClure had to get them out or they magically appeared one night in the mystical Boohatch basement is of no matter. It's here, and as is true with most anything McClure does, it's a great album. Check out the song "Artful Dodger" right here and pick up the album today.

For more on Mike McClure go HERE

Sep 8, 2014

Waylon Payne: From "Walk The Line" to Walking Through Fire

Story by D. Collin Hudson

Waylon Malloy Payne has walked through fire to find redemption on the other side.  In June of this year he celebrated the ten-year anniversary of his debut record, “The Drifter” while also enjoying his newly found, but hard-earned, sobriety.  Payne has been working on the follow up to that record “for the last couple of years” which he intends to release “sometime soon.”  In the next year or so he’s appearing in two more films set to be released.  And 2015 will bring yet another important milestone for Payne when the Academy and Grammy Award winning film, “Walk The Line,“ in which he beautifully portrayed the Sun Records rock and roll pioneer and country music legend, Jerry Lee Lewis, will turn ten years old.  But it is clearly the struggle for his sobriety that has been his white whale.  “It was the roughest battle I’ve ever been through,” he admitted.  “That and losing my momma were probably the two roughest things I’ve ever gone through in my life.”

  Born into a family that was part of the very fabric of country music royalty, Payne literally hit the ground running.   “I know about moving around a lot,” he stated flatly.  “When you’re born the son of a famous country singer, you move.”  Waylon’s “momma” is Oklahoma Country Music Hall of Famer, Sammi Smith, who also won the 1972 Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance with her smash hit song, “Help Me Make It Through The Night” (penned by Kris Kristofferson).  His father is Jody Payne who spent the early part of his life on the road as guitarist with bluegrass and country music legends like Charlie Monroe, Merle Haggard and Ray Price.  Then, starting in 1973, the elder Payne spent the next thirty-five years traveling the world with Willie Nelson and The Family. Waylon was named after his Godfather, Waylon Jennings.

  “The first two years of my life,” Payne recalls, “we lived in a little town called Marietta, Oklahoma.  That’s where one of our family farms is.  My family has had that place forever.  When we moved from Marietta we went down to Vidor (Texas). I went to high school in Frisco.  So I’ve pretty much been a Texan or an Oklahoman my whole life, or in Nashville.  I live in Texas now, but also have a lot of rich history in Oklahoma.”

  In 2004 Waylon Payne made his own mark on the music world with the release of his debut record, “The Drifter.”  He explains, “My album came out while we were filming ‘Walk The Line.’  You know, you always dream about having a hit record,” he admitted, “but my record didn’t do very well.”  When asked about the potential challenges of promoting his debut record while at the same time shooting his very first film role ever, Payne began to chuckle before I could even finish the question.  “I would have had a lot more energy and time to promote my record,” he declared, “if I wouldn’t have gotten strung out on crystal meth.”  Payne admitted to having a recurring battle with drugs for many years.  “It’s been a road that I’ve had to walk really, really tightly.  Because I eventually had such a bad problem, I feel, that if I ever get back into that lifestyle again it would mean the end.”

  But “The Drifter” is a damn fine record, and one that received high marks from at least a few critics, a fair number music fans, and some of his peers as well. Payne wrote ten of the eleven tracks on the album, (“Jesus On a Greyhound” written by the lovely and talented Shelby Lynne) Keith Gattis was the producer.

  The anticipation for his second record has only grown after the success of his acting debut in “Walk The Line.”  Waylon shared how landing the role of a lifetime, and the film’s widespread critical acclaim, has changed his life.  “It was my first introduction to film, and it was pretty much a “hit the ground running,“ type of thing, but it completely changed my life.  It led me down an avenue of being able to be a Hollywood actor. It lead to a second career that I really always wanted to try but had no ability to get to.”

   Waylon Payne also won the lead role in the 2008 film “Crazy” about the fascinating life of the early Nashville guitar picking legend, Hank Garland, and he still continues with his acting work today.  “There’s one called ‘Turnabout’ in final production right now,” he said, ”but the really big one is in theatres on September 5th, and it’s called ‘The Identical.’  It’s loosely based on Elvis and the cast includes Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Joey Pantoliano, Seth Greene and it’s a really, really great film and I’m really proud to be a part of it. ”

  Payne explains why he’s comfortable performing most of his live shows around Austin these days.  “I play around here because it’s where I live,” he says, ”and I’ll do some things in California every once in a while but it’s really is because of my fight to stay sober.”  Waylon spoke about after spending many years in California, knowing it was time to come home.  “I came here (to Austin) on July 24th, 2008.  I was playing a series of dates with Cory Morrow, and I was practically dead.  It was really bad.  But I met some people here that saved my life.  My Manager Edward, and Cory, they rallied around me, and loved me, and gave me a safe place to be.   So I feel safe here and don’t want to venture out too much to places where I’m going to get into trouble.”  He continued, “A lot of my friends are dead.  A lot of them are still using and I can’t go be around it or them.  It really kind of sucks but it comes down to whether you want to live or you want to die.  That’s about it.  And I choose to live.”

  The material for Payne’s new record is centered on his fight for his life and trying to kick his addictions.  “It all correlated to getting off drugs.  For a while there my mind wouldn’t work.”  He continued,  “The recovery has taken so long and it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve even been able to put pen to paper again and make things make sense any more.  But it’s basically about dealing with issues I’ve been through.  I just lost my father last year and that was a really weird thing to go through because we were close but we were kind of like strangers too, because we were never really around each other that much.  We got to know each other when I was an adult in my 20’s is when we really started hanging out.  I guess the best way to describe it (the new record) is that I’m a 42 year old man, been down the road a little bit, and I’m just trying to figure how to make the next little statement that I want to make to the world.  “The Drifter” was a pretty impactful record for me but it was about the first thirty-three years of my life.  I kind of like writing about things that make people think, or feel good.”  Payne added, “I’m pretty proud if it.  There are some good songs on it.   I’ve got a duet with Willie that will be on it which is really nice.  He also played a big part in me getting straight and staying straight too.  He’s just the most amazing man I know.  He’s just incredible!”

  “But I’m really not in a hurry to go anywhere,“ Payne added.  I kind of take it like Billy Joe Shaver said it; ‘I’m already in this business so I’m not really trying to get anywhere.  I’m just going to try and do the best that I can.’ “

  When asked about other artists he has recorded or co-written with, or ones he would perhaps like to work with some day, Waylon did share one more thing he would like to get out there and experience.  “I don’t do a lot of co-writing but when I did it with Keith Gattis for my (first) record, or with Pat Green or Cory Morrow, it just felt really natural when it happened.  Other folks have cut a lot of my songs; Lee Ann Womack cut “Solitary Thinking” which got her a Grammy nomination, and which was really exciting for me. Charlie Robison gave me one of my first cuts, which was a great thrill for me, and he cut one my songs (The Bottom) and Django Walker and Cory Morrow have too. So that’s kind of nice.  But if I could work with one artist as kind of a dream thing, I would have to say Bobbie Gentry because I’d love to see what she’s doing, and I think she’s such an exquisite writer, and just an amazing talent, and such an enigma and a mystery, that I would just love to sit down with her for an afternoon and pick her brain.  Save for being able to have my momma back and do a duet with her, Bobbie Gentry would have to be it for me if I could work with anyone out there.”

Aug 22, 2014


In a world full of justice and fairness Drew Kennedy would be one of the most revered musicians around. Alas, wee do not in a perfect world and only those fine people with musical tastes that are more sophisticated have managed to find the hidden gem that is DK music. I have long been a fan of Drew and his music. He is one of the musicians who I truly see as an artist. His music truly is auditory art.

His latest project, Sad Songs Happily Played, was an accident of sorts. Drew let it be known that the live recording that makes up the album was quite unintended at the time. He had envisioned soon doing a live recording at some point and says he had intended to discuss the venture with one particular venue he thought would be perfect for doing so. Alas he played a show and forgot to ask the venue about recording it for an album. But as fate would have it, just as Drew had forgotten to ask the venue to record the show, the sound guy had forgotten to ask for permission to record it. The show that was destined to be his live record had just been played and had indeed been recorded that night.

What was caught was possibly one of the truest live recordings I have ever heard. Drew simply performed to that crowd and told them his stories. With Drew not knowing he was being recorded, you get exactly what a crowd will get from him during his shows. Honesty. Sincerity. Great music.You can see exactly what makes him a true artist as he effortlessly paints vivid pictures and tells his stories with his music. His connection to that crowd on that night was genuine and not for the sake of a good live record.

So there you have it. Drew didn't reinvent the wheel here. A live album should give you a sense of what being at that show was like. On Sad Songs Happily Played there is a man, a guitar and some songs. It may be simple, but it is the perfect representation of Drew and his music. Look for the album on Sept 9th.

for more on Drew Kennedy go HERE
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Aug 20, 2014


To quote the band bio "The Washers' sound isn't forthrightly rock and roll, country, folk, or any other discerning genre you want to place it directly in….it bounces from each to the next, floats somewhere between, and fits easiest in the ever-changing boundaries of music called Americana". No way I could have said it better.

I took notice of the band with the release of their second album Tired Eyes in 2012. That album was full of catchy tunes and great harmonies woven throughout well written songs that went to prove these guys know what works for them. With  their upcoming release Everything at Once The Washers have only shown that they have gotten better with time and continue fine tune their sound.

Everything at Once runs through the usual song subject matter of love, love lost, small hometowns and big dreams. The band's sharing of lead vocal duties though helps to keep the album fresh and keeps the listeners ear. No matter who is in charge of lead vocals the band never skips a beat and it is a seamless transition that adds great variety and manages to change the album's tone and mood to match each song as the album runs it's course.

The song "Pennies" below will be the first single off of the album that is due out 9-2-2014. This is just a small sample of what is in store on this album, so make sure you pick it up on release day.

The Washers are: Todd Janik (guitar/vocals), Matt Kopycinski (bass/vocals), Justin Wade Wilcox (guitar/banjo/steel guitar/vocals) and Mike Faltysek (drums)

Todd took time last week to sit down and answer our RDBC 5 Quick Questions.

1. Pirates or ninjas? Why?

TODD: It’s a pirate’s life for me, dude. My grandmother made me a pirate costume for Halloween when I was a kid and my mom swears I didn't take it off for like 2 years.

2.What is the stupidest thing that you have done in front of a crowd?

TODD: I’ve forgotten the lyrics to my own songs on several occasion, I guess that’s pretty stupid. And I’m definitely not pro enough to pull it off…I just end up humming along or filling in spots with words like “cheeseburger”.

3.If you were in a witness protection program, what would be your alias?

TODD: James Hetfield. Yes, I like Metallica.

4.If you could meet anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

TODD: Jack Black— preeeeeetty sure we would be best friends.

5. Most guilty pleasure song in your collection.

TODD: You’re gonna kill me on this one…Florida Georgia Line- Round Here. A very guilty pleasure indeed, but so damn catchy!


or check them out on Facebook and Twitter

Aug 7, 2014


Every now and then something gets sent my way that not only surprises me by how good it is but also surprises me by how fast I can tell I like it. Today was one of those days.

The new album from Mike Ryan hit my inbox today and I have given it a listen a couple times through. I won't go into a ton of "this is the best part" or "this song was yada yada" type stuff. I don't need to. Anything I say to build up this album is unnecessary. Simply put, it is one solid effort from beginning to end.

One thing kept hitting me and that was how much it reminded me of my favorite 80's- 90's country tunes. A point reiterated in the press release that accompanied the album almost word for word. Well written and polished to a near perfect sheen, Ryan's Bad Reputation album should easily garner tons of well deserved attention as there isn't one song here that isn't a radio ready hit. Look for it when it hits stores and online sales outlets Aug 19th.

The first link here is the current single "Dancing All Around It"

This video here is an acoustic version of my favorite track "Easy"

For more on Mike Ryan go here

Jul 16, 2014


Brandon Rhyder has been a staple in the Texas music scene for over a decade. He is one of those artists that does his thing and does it well. He isn't out to reinvent the wheel with every album or buy into every "what's hot right now" song trend. You won't find many party songs or too many girl in a truck references in his music. His music is now like it was from the very beginning. Simple, timeless, well written and effortlessly classy. In a review that I wrote for another website after the release of his latest single "Leave" I said that Rhyder has managed to set a new standard and I firmly believe that today. The song brought him another hit on the Texas music charts and the video for it is below.

Brandon took some time out of his busy day to answer our 5 random as hell questions (which will be updated next round) and was a great sport about it.

5Q2- Brandon Rhyder

1. Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to read minds and why?
Power to be invisible for sure... Just disappear... Lol... And I don't want to know other people are thinking period... I have a hard enough time making sense of what's running around in my own mind.

2. When someone has bad breath do you tell them or try and ignore it?
I usually get myself a stick of gum and offer them one... I chew a lot of gum... Always on hand. Saved many a conversation!

3. What’s something you keep telling yourself you’re going to do, but keep putting off?
An acoustic record... I promise I'm cutting one! 

4.You discover a crystal ball that can tell you the truth about ONE thing in your life– past, future, or present.  What would you want to know?
How long we could live off of love alone...

5. List 5 things you want to do before you die.
Live in the mountains - write a book - shoot an elk with my bow - own a restaurant - hold my great grand kids

For more info and tour dates go to

Jun 30, 2014


Zane Williams is one of those Texas music guys that I have been following for a while that is really starting to get the attention he deserves in the Texas music scene. His songwriting is top notch and he puts on a great live show, but when talking to the guy, he is also one of the most humble people I have met to date. But with guys like Cody Johnson and Pat Green on the list of people who have cut your songs, the guy must be doing something right.

Following the release of his album Overnight Success Zane is enjoying much success of his own these days. Each of his latest singles have charted well on the Texas Music charts and his current single "Hands of a Working Man" is currently sitting at #29 and climbing fast after only 3 weeks of radio play. You can take a listen to the newest single right here.

We recently got Zane to sit and answer our 5 Quick Questions and his answers are below. If you would like to see or learn more about Zane make sure you check out his website at

5Q2- Zane Williams

1. Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to read minds and why?

ZW: I'd rather be invisible.  I don't want to know people's uncensored thoughts...especially friends and family.  Yikes.  Being invisible would come in handy sometimes though.

2. When someone has bad breath do you tell them or try and ignore it?

ZW: I don't tell them because I don't want to offend them.  But I want them to tell ME, because I'm not offended by that and just want it fixed.

3. What’s something you keep telling yourself you’re going to do, but keep putting off?

ZW: Work out.  Eat right.  Practice guitar.  Return emails and phone calls.  It's amazing I ever get anything done.

4.You discover a crystal ball that can tell you the truth about ONE thing in your life– past, future, or present.  What would you want to know?

ZW: I don't want to know the future if I can't change it.  I'm comfortable in the present. There's no point in dredging up the past.  I think I would just sell that crystal ball on EBay and use the money to take my wife to Torchy's tacos.

5. List 5 things you want to do before you die.

ZW: 1.  Hold my grandbabies
2.  Play on the Grand Ole Opry
3.  Hear Garth Brooks record one of my songs
4.  See a gray-banded kingsnake in the wild
5.  Take my wife to Europe, just the two of us

Thanks to Zane for taking the time to answer a few ridiculous questions. Make sure you check out his latest album Overnight Success and request that newest single "Hands of a Working Man" at your local Texas country station.


Whiskey Myers is back with another music video. This time it is the official music video for their single "Dogwood." I like what the Whiskey Myers gang does video wise. They will pop out a lyric or fan video and then do an official. In fact I posted an acoustic version of this song a couple of months ago. I am  going to include both here for you fans that, like me, appreciate seeing both the raw and finished versions of a song. Check them out below.


Official Video

Jun 25, 2014

The Ten Commandments of Being an Awesome Female Texas Artist - by Arwyn Benson of Calamity Janes

There are few things I love more than sharing great musical moments with other musicians... particularly musicians that I can relate to, who are real,  who draw me in, and who CREATE music. These moments are heaven-sent, rare, and the very reason that music is my first love. Being "relatable" as a female artist is essential and it goes hand-in-hand with being real- about yourself, about your music, and with other females. There is a lot of insecurity in this industry- particularly in the Estrogen Ocean. Gentlemen, I can’t speak for you. I don’t have the necessary amount of Caveman blood running through my veins…and also, I have an excessive amount of hair products, nail polish, lipstick and glitter around my house that simply won’t allow for it. For those of us with boobs though, this Ocean is RIPE with sharks who are hell-bent on eating us ALIVE for the SLIGHEST perceived indiscretion- and I mean SLIGHTEST.
Hair too big? *eyeroll*
Too much makeup? “FAKE!”
Not enough makeup? “OMG UGLY TROLL!”
Too Skinny? “Does she do drugs? I’ll bet she’s a coke head! EAT A STEAK AND A ROLL!!”
Not Skinny Enough? “GROSS! Why would you EVEN? STOP EATING!”
Heaven forbid we actually play MUSIC well, and say….. enter a competition, and WIN. That’s cause for a public march to the guillotine right there. There’s something about a grown ass woman standing in front of the stage slurring/screaming “You no talent bitches! YOU SUCK” after her son’s band loses to your band in a competition. That always turns me into something my daddy affectionately referred to as his “little redneck girl” and makes me want to break my hand-crafted Tony Lama’s off in said woman’s ass.
Then… there are GLORIOUS moments, like the one I got to partake in on stage last night with 5 other female artists, singing their asses off to songs they wrote, singing back up harmony to each other’s stuff and generally being awesome to one another that restore my faith in this scene… and also inspired me to get up this morning and start this blog series: The 10 Commandments of Being an Awesome Female Texas Artist. Today’s commandment is simple and universally applicable: Don’t Be An Asshole.
Just don’t.
Men- you have it EASY. Don’t believe me? Operate a curling iron without burning every finger on both hands and turning your head into a Chia-pet. Yeahhhh….. Still not convinced? Eyelash curlers and mascara application without poking your eye out. No? Not convinced enough? Periods, childbirth and breastfeeding (BOOM baby- ALL the most terrifying things about having funbags and a uterus in one statement!)
It’s tricky to be a woman in a man’s world. I know, I know! “That comment will set women back 150 years! Blasphemy! Draw and quarter! Tar and Feather! Lynch Mob!” Well, calm your tits. I have a point to make. Our bra-burning momma’s, Rosie the Riveter Grandma’s and Suffragette Great-Grandma’s put a great deal of effort into creating the more equal world we get to live in now. While it’s still a man’s world… or at least a man’s music scene… it’s DEFINITELY the other women in the music scene who can make or break another female artist. We can be real assholes to each other.
I’ve seen it happen to good people- good artists that I know personally, and ones I don’t know. Hell, it’s happened to us! All women are judgey, hypocritical, shallow, narcissistic, jealous, fickle and possessive. Women are moody little balls of unchecked hormones running around in nature, wreaking havoc and causing mayhem.  I don’t stand apart from that statement at all.  I’m often all of those things before I even leave the house. And it’s greatly exaggerated if I leave my house without having coffee first. I’m basically a fun-sized national security concern. I’m on cup #2 this morning, so I’m back down to only a Threat Level Blue (say what you will but I liked the color coded system).  But I digress.
Ladies, on any given day, we are all those things, with a sprinkle of sunshine, a manicure, cute shoes, a little lipstick and a dab of perfume. And we use those things to the detriment of others-particularly other women who we perceive as a threat to our Crown. Sounds DUMB right? It is. That’s all before the music even starts. We can be even MORE snarky (if that’s even POSSIBLE) once the music starts! Things I’ve heard from women in the audience while other women are performing:
 “LORD! Pitchy! Pitchy!”
“Someone lied to her!”
“I’ll bet she doesn’t write her own music!”
“She wiggles so much when she sings”
“I can’t stand her voice”
“I don’t like female country singers”
It’s mean right? That movie “Mean Girls” wasn’t too far removed from the catty nature of the music scene. And that’s just what’s coming from the audience. I’ve heard some pretty shitty comments come from female musicians too! But what for?
Music is the one thing I love above everything. It’s sacred. It’s holy. It’s the place I find myself when the entire world has gone crazy. The writing, the instruments, the creative force- music is the beginning and end for me. I’m not big on talking for extended amounts of time (contrary to the massive amount of words in this blog post), but you put me in a room with other musicians of the non-asshole variety, and our musical conversation- the one that happens when the instruments are playing, and we are singing with and for each other- will be nearly endless. That happened on stage last night at Girls Night Out at Love and War in Texas, Plano. 6 ladies and 2 gentlemen on stage, 6 guitars, two percussion instruments, voices with a story that needed to be heard. My favorite part of last night was the fact that we fan-girl-ed one another after pretty much every song. It was uplifting. It was refreshing. Every person on that stage humbled my musical soul. I was the LEAST talented person on stage last night and I LOVED it!! It challenged me. It grew me. It lit me UP! That’s what I live for!
These musical moments are REALLY why we subject ourselves to the harsh scrutiny, the often mean-spirited judgment, the smoky bars, the shitty comments from other musicians fans, the drunk dude standing at the foot of the stage yelling at you to “PLAY SOME COUNTRY MUSIC!” We practice for hours, trek hundreds of miles hauling equipment that is worth more than our vehicles often for less pay than a fast food worker gets to play for half-appreciative bar owners just to experience those few glorious moments on stage where nothing and no one else matters; for that one person in the bar that you’ve noticed from the stage, who has said nothing, but comes up to you after the show and quietly tells you they love your music; for the other people on stage with you; for the healing power that music has to restore a tired soul.
That’s really what’s missing from our music scene. Admiration. Respect. Appreciation of people and their craft. Yes, there are some jerks in this business. Those are the people I DON’T go support. Those are the people I don’t spend my hard earned money on. In all seriousness- being an asshole or allowing your fans to be assholes to other musicians- with boobs or without- isn’t okay, man. It just isn’t. We all fight the same battles. We all worry the same worries. We all struggle with writers block. We all have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and things to say. WE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE. So why, then, do we treat each other so poorly? I guess this is a basic human question too.
As we ramp up for our weekend of being road dogs and stage warriors, remember what we are doing, why we do it and who we are REALLY doing it for. Now, go make some music and don’t be an asshole.

Next blog in the series: Commandment #2: “Support… It Ain’t Just About Push- Up Bras ”

Jun 18, 2014


Well, here we are. This will be the first installment of 5Q2 (5 Quick Questions) here on RDBC. The events that are about to take place here are mostly irrelevant but that is kinda the point. Every music blog & website seems to take things too seriously these days. Not here. What will follow is a string of the most random questions I could find in order to show a lighter side to some of your favorite artists.

Being a new feature, I wanted to make sure I chose a highly talented singer or musician who could use some exposure, and potentially waste their time with these 5 asinine questions. Zach Coffey agreed to be the guinea pig here  for some reason and did not disappoint. Zach is a fairly new guy to the scene but is seeing a tremendous amount of success with his single "I Love You Anyway." It is an incredible song that is currently sitting in the top 20 on both Texas music charts and climbing fast. Not a bad outing for a guy's debut single. The video for it is below.

Here is the 5Q2 and answers from Zach and the guys in his band.

1. Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to read minds and why? 
I'm sitting with my band at a brewery in New Mexico while I'm answering these questions, so you're getting a group input. We decided if we could read minds we would end up in too many fights. So, we all decided invisibility would be a better option for us. But, we don't think we can say why haha.

2. When someone has bad breath do you tell them or try and ignore it?
I ignore it. I'm a fairly nice guy, so I try to grin and bear it. Then I go talk about how bad their breath smelled. Like I said...nice guy.

3. What’s something you keep telling yourself you’re going to do, but keep putting off?
Model for Playgirl. Haha! We all decided we should lose a few LB's, but beer and Whataburger are just so good! You hear that Whataburger? Free taquitos?

4.You discover a crystal ball that can tell you the truth about ONE thing in your life– past, future, or present.  What would you want to know?
My bass player, Ian, said he would want to know what he is having for dinner haha. I don't know if I would want to know anything from a crystal ball. We are an independent artist (not completely by choice) and sometimes when we're sitting in a bad hotel room in a city we don't know anyone we want to know when it's going to "happen" for us. But, I also see us growing as a band, as writers, and as artists every day. So, I think I just want to enjoy the ride and look back at these nights with a fondness and appreciate what we have. Then we'll get on our bed and be thankful we aren't doing it anymore haha.

5. List 5 things you want to do before you die.
Scarlett Johansen, BeyoncĂ©....oh wait. (kidding) 
Here's a collective from us:
1. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
2. Go to space haha
3. Share a stage with our favorite artists
4. I want to go to every MLB stadium (I'm only at 8)
5. Honestly, and this is sappy, before I die, I want everyone I've met to be able to look at me and say "That was a good dude. He lived genuinely." There is a quote that I heard that I try and always remember at the end of the night after a long show. "Music is only as good as what's inside the person playing it".

Now that was fun. Better than I even expected. I think it's pretty cool to get a glimpse at these guys and see a side of an artist you might not usually see. That is what this feature will be all about.

Thanks for being such good sports about it guys. 

For more on Zach Coffey go HERE