Nov 5, 2013


The one thing I always have to remember to do as a critic is to stay open to everything. Just like all of you, I have my preferences when it comes to music and what I do and do not like. I make no apologies about being a music snob. But I do my best to stay open minded and inform you guys about new music of all kinds that I think is worthy of note. This is one of those times that I am glad I did.

Tyler and the Tribe recently released their album Born and have put out a very solid album. There are some upbeat love songs, a few pop country rockers, and even a really good ballad or two that can be found here. The guys haven't reinvented a genre or tried to be something they aren't. What they possess is a talent for putting out well written, perfectly crafted, very catchy tunes. You can't help but tap a toe and bob your head to the songs you find on this album.

Born is a perfect example of finding what you do as a band, and perfecting it. Being a fan of the more serious subject matter songs, the gem on this album for me was "Close My Eyes." It is a love lost tale that captures the sentiment and emotion of it all very well. But give the whole album a listen and decide for yourself. If I can find a little guilty pleasure in the catchy goodness of Born, then I challenge you not to.

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