Nov 13, 2013

Chris King - Native

Texas singer /songwriter Chris King has managed a pretty damn incredible feat recently. With the release of his album Native this week, he put out his second album in the past 12 months and both are legitimate must haves. His early 2013 album 1983 was an album he told me that he considered to be his major leap into the Texas music scene. It did well and generated a good deal of buzz for him while receiving several well deserved and very good reviews.

With Native Chris has gone back to what he probably does best. Stripped it all down, and given the listener a real and raw look at the heart and sole of each song. Native features some of the songs that were on 1983 and some new - all acoustic. I  love this. Acoustic songs are how an artist really reels me in. Production and mastering can make a decent artist sound really good, but when they play acoustic there isn't that safety net of "we can fix that in mixing."

The first single from Native is the song "Homeland" and it was one of my favorite tracks from his previous release. To me it tells a sort of small town "glass houses" kind of story. You know, a "judge not lest ye be judged" tale. Or flat out, "I may not be much around here, but your mama is a drunk." Check out a great version of it below.

One of my favorites on this album is the song "Sinton." It is a ballad for the forlorn lover who has ever given everything and gotten nothing but dumped. Sometimes you just can't shake the people that effect you that deeply. Even in a way you know was way too wrong.

Each and every song on this album is an raw emotional voyage in songs purest form. A man, a voice, and a guitar. This is the type of album that true fans of great songwriting  can appreciate with no remorse.

Chris King has set a high standard for his music and seems to be striving to outdo himself with every note. With two amazing releases this year alone, he should also be seen as the buffer for where the bar is set for Texas songwriters.

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Nov 5, 2013


The one thing I always have to remember to do as a critic is to stay open to everything. Just like all of you, I have my preferences when it comes to music and what I do and do not like. I make no apologies about being a music snob. But I do my best to stay open minded and inform you guys about new music of all kinds that I think is worthy of note. This is one of those times that I am glad I did.

Tyler and the Tribe recently released their album Born and have put out a very solid album. There are some upbeat love songs, a few pop country rockers, and even a really good ballad or two that can be found here. The guys haven't reinvented a genre or tried to be something they aren't. What they possess is a talent for putting out well written, perfectly crafted, very catchy tunes. You can't help but tap a toe and bob your head to the songs you find on this album.

Born is a perfect example of finding what you do as a band, and perfecting it. Being a fan of the more serious subject matter songs, the gem on this album for me was "Close My Eyes." It is a love lost tale that captures the sentiment and emotion of it all very well. But give the whole album a listen and decide for yourself. If I can find a little guilty pleasure in the catchy goodness of Born, then I challenge you not to.

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