Oct 7, 2013

A Fly on the Wall in the Gypsy Cafe

This past weekend in Stillwater, OK an event called the Gypsy Cafe took place. It isn't something that you have likely heard of if you live outside of Oklahoma, or even very from from Stillwater. But I can promise you, that will change. Now in it's third year, the Gypsy Cafe event brought over 30 of the best singer/songwriters that Oklahoma has to offer together and all proceeds will benefit the Red Dirt Relief fund. The Red Dirt Relief fund has been organized to help out musicians in times of need.

The Gypsy Cafe is not an event as so much as it is an occasion. It provides an opportunity for those who love the music, love the scene and love those that made it what it is today all come together to remember, to relive, and to rejoice. This year's event brought a mix of well known artists and some new emerging talent giving you a glimpse of both the history and future of music in the storied red dirt music scene. It was inspiring to see guys like Mike McClure and The Red Dirt Rangers, who have been a part of the Oklahoma music scene now for the better part of two decades, sharing the stage with incredibly talented young musicians.

The event kicked off on Thursday with a private gathering of artists at The Farm. The Farm is a slightly overgrown plot of land just on the edge of town with an unsuspecting legacy of being some of the holiest red dirt in Oklahoma. Many of the artists playing at the Gypsy Cafe have been playing music on that plot of land for over 20 years. Watching the newer guys soaking in the wisdom from folks like Rick Reiley, Chuck Dunlap, and Monica Taylor and respecting the legacy of what it was they were representing there that night was refreshing. Here there were no egos.

The folks behind the Gypsy Cafe have got it right. They have managed to pull together and put on a successful event that not only benefits an amazing cause but benefits and promotes the music and a way of life that truly remains timeless and poignant.

*** Side Notes***
Several newer artists that performed at The Gypsy Cafe blew me away. I feel that the future of Oklahoma music is sitting comfortably at the feet of Dylan Stewart, Jessey General Thompson, Kaitlin Butts and Joseph Melton. Make sure you check them all out.

Check out the Red Dirt Relief fund here  http://www.reddirtrelieffund.org/


Anonymous said...

Red Dirt Relief Fund is awesome and I love listening to Joseph Melton play and sing.

Anonymous said...

Joesph Melton from Whiskey Fire Love Train? What!!!

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