Oct 30, 2013

New Whiskey Myers Video - Home

I have heard people say that if you want to stand out, either do something different or do something better than everyone else. Well, the guys in Whiskey Myers do both. Check out their new video for their song "Home" that premiered over on CMT.com today and see what I mean. Damn I love these guys.

For more on Whiskey Myers go here--->http://www.whiskeymyers.com/

We Need More Moreland

I have a tendency to get tunnel vision when I find music that I really connect with. This has actually happened to me several times this year. I find an album that really excites me and I proceed to listen for days or weeks on end. Then I go back to one of my favorites or something new that has captured my ear. As I sit here and type these words I'm listening to the new John Moreland album for about the 4000th time and really pissed that I haven't already done a write up on this guy.

I have been a fan of his music for a few years after discovering the Endless Oklahoma Sky album. Moreland is one of those artists that creates music that is impossible to package into a pretty little genre label but can appeal to people of all musical tastes. The ability to flawlessly morph styles from one song to the next on an album is a gift few possess these days as the radio waves continue to get bogged down with the heavy hooves of all of the one trick ponies out there.

His latest album In the Throes is another in a string of stellar efforts. It ranges from rock to gospel and most everything in between. The track "Nobody Gives a Damn About Songs Anymore" is an amazing track and possibly a bit of an introspective tale of sorts. You can feel it's pure emotion as Moreland weaves a story of hard work but utter frustration at the lack of acknowledgement and appreciation that at times can seem to run rampant for artists at times.

This is a very small sample of this guys incredible talent. Whatever else you do this week make sure you add some John Moreland to your music collection. It won't matter which album you pick up, none of them will disappoint you.

For More on John Moreland go here---> http://www.johnmoreland.net/

Oct 10, 2013


In these dark days of government shutdowns and potentially mind numbing insurance issues- keep the faith that good music will always be here to pull you through the crap.

This song from The Dirty River Boys always made me think that it could definitely be the soundtrack for the down trodden, but in a upbeat-keep your head up- kinda way. A "Letter to Whoever" is sometimes the perfect way to ease your troubles a little. Clear your mind and just keep pushing through the darkness.

This song was on their 2012 release The Science of Flight and is just one of the incredible tunes you will find on that album. The guys were also recently featured on the new CMT feature Concrete Country. Very cool indeed. Go check it out.

for  more on DRB go --> http://www.dirtyriverboys.com/

Oct 7, 2013

A Fly on the Wall in the Gypsy Cafe

This past weekend in Stillwater, OK an event called the Gypsy Cafe took place. It isn't something that you have likely heard of if you live outside of Oklahoma, or even very from from Stillwater. But I can promise you, that will change. Now in it's third year, the Gypsy Cafe event brought over 30 of the best singer/songwriters that Oklahoma has to offer together and all proceeds will benefit the Red Dirt Relief fund. The Red Dirt Relief fund has been organized to help out musicians in times of need.

The Gypsy Cafe is not an event as so much as it is an occasion. It provides an opportunity for those who love the music, love the scene and love those that made it what it is today all come together to remember, to relive, and to rejoice. This year's event brought a mix of well known artists and some new emerging talent giving you a glimpse of both the history and future of music in the storied red dirt music scene. It was inspiring to see guys like Mike McClure and The Red Dirt Rangers, who have been a part of the Oklahoma music scene now for the better part of two decades, sharing the stage with incredibly talented young musicians.

The event kicked off on Thursday with a private gathering of artists at The Farm. The Farm is a slightly overgrown plot of land just on the edge of town with an unsuspecting legacy of being some of the holiest red dirt in Oklahoma. Many of the artists playing at the Gypsy Cafe have been playing music on that plot of land for over 20 years. Watching the newer guys soaking in the wisdom from folks like Rick Reiley, Chuck Dunlap, and Monica Taylor and respecting the legacy of what it was they were representing there that night was refreshing. Here there were no egos.

The folks behind the Gypsy Cafe have got it right. They have managed to pull together and put on a successful event that not only benefits an amazing cause but benefits and promotes the music and a way of life that truly remains timeless and poignant.

*** Side Notes***
Several newer artists that performed at The Gypsy Cafe blew me away. I feel that the future of Oklahoma music is sitting comfortably at the feet of Dylan Stewart, Jessey General Thompson, Kaitlin Butts and Joseph Melton. Make sure you check them all out.

Check out the Red Dirt Relief fund here  http://www.reddirtrelieffund.org/