Sep 26, 2013

That's The Sh!t Thursday- Drew Kennedy

Every now and again I get lucky enough to stumble onto a pretty cool song or video out there on the interwebs. It might be a cool version of a song I've heard a million times. Or a live version of an unreleased song. This week I have been obsessed with the new Drew Kennedy CD Wide Listener. That's where this weeks video comes from.

Being up here in Oklahoma I don't often get a chance to see some of the amazing south Texas artists that make the rounds. So I stalk YouTube when something really gets me pumped. A lot of the time that is how I can tell if what I hear on the radio or on a CD comes off good done live. I really had to dig pretty deep to find very much video on Drew. And even deeper to find stuff from his new album. Because that is what I want to focus on.

Wide Listener is his 6th album and though I had heard his music and own a couple of his other CDs, this one just hit me. Drew is an amazing singer and songwriter. On this album he runs you through a gamut of emotions with intricately spun lyrics and engaging melodies. My favorite is the track "Jesus Can See You.'" It  starts simple with an acoustic and vocals and tells the story of man searching for some meaning and dealing with those who too often do not practice what they preach. At least that is my take on it. I may be wrong but I dare you to listen to this song and not be pulled in.

Anyway, back to the point. I managed to find a video of Drew performing this song in what seems to be someone's living room. Seeing it done so well in such a pure state only makes me appreciate what he does even more. Drew Kennedy is without a doubt one of the most underrated artists in Texas right now. Getcha some...

I am including one more video here. It is an introduction from Drew to you. It speaks of his music, his journey and who is is as a person and musician. This video alone is better than a lot of the music I have heard lately.

See more on Drew here--->

Sep 13, 2013

Red Dirt Round up

Well is has been a busy busy week in the Red Dirt scene boys and girls. Let's jump right in.

No Justice decided that they were going to call it quits after over a decade as one of the top bands in the scene. They released a statement about it all that you can see here---> No Justice

Seth James announced via his Facebook page that he will soon be leaving the Departed. This news sucks! The Departed are putting out some of the most incredible music in any scene these days and he will be missed. I am excited though to see what the future brings for the rest of the guys. I mean, come on, it's Cody friggin Canada. They released a statement explaining it all and mostly wanted every one to know they are still on good terms and wish Seth the best in his future endeavors. See that press release here---> The Departed

Drew Kennedy released an album this week that got the whole town talking. well they should be listening. His album Wide Listener is ridiculously good. Look for a review here soon. In the mean time check him out here ---> Drew Kennedy 

Bart Crow celebrated his birthday this week and released a video for his single "Loving You's a Crime" on CMT! I love seeing all these Texas musicians getting the CMT exposure. Congrats to Bart and Happy Birthday. See the video here ---> Bart Crow

Wade Bowen put out a lyric video for his new single "Songs About Trucks" this week. I already really liked the song so a video just gave me another excuse to listen to it. You can see that video here. ---> Wade Bowen

John David Kent posted preorder info for his next album "Before The Sun Comes Up" this week, You will want to get this one for sure. You can find all the info for ordering it here. ---> JDK

Chad Sullins & The Last Call Coalition have put up a kickstarter link on their facebook page. They will be heading into the studio soon to record with Oklahoma red dirt icon Mike McClure. I can not wait to see what comes out of a project with these forces combined. Check out the bands kickstarter here. ---> Last Call Coalition

Sep 11, 2013


The Departed put out a press release today giving us all some insight on Seth James' departure from the band, their future as a band, and news on Cody's live acoustic cd release. It is below.

Cody Canada Announces Band Lineup Changes + New Solo Acoustic Live Album Out This Fall
As announced on Facebook earlier this week, Cody Canada and The Departed vocalist/guitarist Seth James has confirmed that his last show with the band will be November 23 at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, TX.
Despite that fact, fans have a lot to look forward to in the next few months. The Departed will continue to tour heavily as a four-piece band. They are also writing new songs and have plans to record a new studio album in early 2014.
"No one will be standing in Seth's place," Canada says. "There is no need to try to replace one of the best guitar players ever."
Canada also says that while the band is not planning to continue playing the songs sung by James on their recent album 'Adventus' live, he and keyboardist Steve Littleton will handle all of the lead instrument parts. Following James' departure, Canada says the band's live set will include more songs from the catalogue of his former band, Cross Canadian Ragweed. James will continue to perform at all dates leading up to his final show. See below for a list of upcoming tour dates.
While his work with The Departed will continue moving full-steam ahead, Canada has also confirmed a late November release (exact date TBA) for a new solo acoustic album titled 'Some Old, Some New, Maybe A Cover Or Two,' which was recorded live this summer at Third Coast Music in Port Aransas, TX.
As the title suggests, the acoustic album will feature songs from throughout Canada's career, including old Cross Canadian Ragweed favorites along with songs he wrote with The Departed. See below for a full track listing.

As they move forward, The Departed have issued their" one hundred percent support" for James' decision. "Whatever path he chooses, we've got his back. And we know he'll have ours," the band said in a statement. "We will rock on as a four-piece playing old tunes, new tunes, our tunes, and other people's tunes. It's what we do."
"Seth will be truly missed out here. We wish him all the luck and we will be at his shows," Canada says. "You've gotta do what feels good for your own good. I love the man, no matter what band he's in."
In a statement on his Facebook page, James explains his decision to leave the band:
"After three years of great times and great music, I have decided to take a step down as a band member of the Departed. It has been an unbelievable ride and I am so grateful for the support and love along the way. My last show will be November 23 at Gruene Hall. I look forward to supporting these guys alongside you as they continue down the road."


1. If You're Ever In Oklahoma
2. Down
3. Breakdown
4. 250,000 Things To Do
5. Ruby Ridge
6. Pay
7. 17
8. Record Exec
9. Harvest Moon
10. Bluebonnets
11. 51 Pieces
12. Constantly
13. Flowers
14. Cold Hard Fact
15. Dead Man
16. Broken
17. Brooklyn Kid
18. Damned Old Happy Times
19. Unwound

For more info on The Departed check out their website The Departed

Sep 5, 2013

No Justice Will be No More...

Oklahoma's No Justice has announced that they are hanging it up and calling it quits. On a messgae posted on their facebook page tonight the band released this statement...

Red Dirt Music Veterans No Justice Call It Quits After 12-Year Run.
Farewell Tour Concludes October 25th
Stillwater, Oklahoma-
September 6, 2013-After over a decade long reign as one of the most beloved bands in the Red Dirt music scene, Stillwater-based No Justice will extinguish their long burning flame this year. Their farewell tour is well underway and will conclude with two blockbuster shows at the Wormy Dog in Oklahoma City on Thursday, October 24th and at the Arbuckle Ballroom in Davis, Oklahoma on Friday, October 25th.
A statement from Steve Rice reads, “It has been 12 years since the creation of No Justice. Throughout this time we have shared music, laughter, tears and our hearts with each other. It has been an amazing and life changing ride that very few get to experience and we couldn't have asked for better people to share it with. On October 31, 2013 the band will be taking a hiatus from touring and recording, so that each individual can pursue separate endeavors. While some will continue to play music, others will take a different avenue. We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication to our lifelong dream and for allowing us to pour our hearts out on the stage every night in venues across the world. We can't begin to tell you how much your support has meant to us. During our last couple months, we would like to encourage you all to make it out to a show and experience No Justice one last time. We would love to see you again.”

Hatched from the Red Dirt music mecca of Stillwater, Oklahoma and adopted into the live music epicenter of Texas, No Justice cultivated a powerful brand built on unforgettable melodies, miles of solid comprehensive songwriting, and adorned with five acclaimed record releases with combined record sales topping over 100,000 units, two #1 hits and eight Top 10 singles on the Texas Music Chart. Aside from this shiny career resume, No Justice’s impressive longevity in the music business was fundamentally built on the quality and continuity of their music. From their very first record release Far From Everything (2001) down through a motley mixed catalog including No Justice (2005), the renowned live series Live At Billy Bob’s (2007), the rock infused Second Avenue (2010) and their final release America’s Son (2013), which brought the band full circle back to their roots, their unique sound powered by the soulful voice of Steve Rice will forever be emblemized throughout the Red Dirt community. Steve Rice, Armando Lopez, Cody Patton, Joey Trevino and Bryce Conway would like to “Toast” their treasured fans and friends, and thank them for ten amazing years of lifelong memories.

Here's to you...