Aug 14, 2013

Wade Bowen's song "Trucks" Gives You a Reason to Not Hate Nashville Today

Today I heard a song that hit the proverbial nail right on the head when making commentary on the sheer number of watered down pop filled truck songs dominating mainstream airwaves these days. The song "Trucks" from Wade Bowen is becoming a rather viral sensation as people who are tired of Nashville crap flooding the radio dial embrace and share the tune. But not so fast...

The song was actually written by Brandy Clark and proven hit-maker Shane McAnally, both of whom call Nashville home. Now whether this is the precursor to a change in the way things are run out east or not remains to be seen. What it does show us back here in TX/OK is that there just may be a glimmer of hope for Nashville. And at the very least do not write everything off that comes out of Nashville. You may just miss a gem like this one if you do.

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