Jul 18, 2013

That's The Sh!t Thursday- Erick Willis

This week's That's The Sh!t Thursday brings you a song from Erick Willis. This little tune here is called "Raised on Red Dirt" and is on his 2013 release titled EP Spring '13.

If you like what you hear go check out his website and his Facebook pages for more info. He is about to get back in the studio and bring to life his first full length album and he has a Kickstarter campaign that kicked off today.

There is very little new talent on the Texas music scene that has the caliber of song writing and vocal talent that this guy possesses. I for one am damned excited to see a full album. You can chip in here KICKSTARTER                 

Erick Willis Facebook  Twitter  Website

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Hallie said...

Love this guy and especially this song!

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