Jul 18, 2013

That's The Sh!t Thursday- Erick Willis

This week's That's The Sh!t Thursday brings you a song from Erick Willis. This little tune here is called "Raised on Red Dirt" and is on his 2013 release titled EP Spring '13.

If you like what you hear go check out his website and his Facebook pages for more info. He is about to get back in the studio and bring to life his first full length album and he has a Kickstarter campaign that kicked off today.

There is very little new talent on the Texas music scene that has the caliber of song writing and vocal talent that this guy possesses. I for one am damned excited to see a full album. You can chip in here KICKSTARTER                 

Erick Willis Facebook  Twitter  Website

Jul 9, 2013

Cole Porter Band - Devil By The Tail Album Review

The new CD  Devil By The Tail is set for release this month.  Recently I had the opportunity to get a first listen to this Mike McClure produced record.  This band might not be from Oklahoma or Texas but they easily fit in to our music landscape.  The band consists of front man Cole Porter, Harmony Vocals Kendra Edmonds, Lead guitarist Derek Compton, Bassist Chris Heifner, and Drummer Jamison Case. Devil By The Tail is a really well done disk start to finish.  What a like about this disk is that nothing feels forced from the lyrics, to the harmonies, to the guitar licks that caught my attention. Mike McClure as a producer does what he does best by capturing lightening in a bottle with each track.  One of my favorite tracks is the title track which shows a very rocking side of the band with stellar guitar work from Derek Compton and harmonies from Cole and Kendra.   The trailer song offers us a chance to hear more from Kendra who you could easily mistake as a Pistol Annie member when you hear her.  It has a conversational element between the two that almost anyone who has been in a long term relationship can relate to.  A Chapter , is definitely a catchy tune that I think could do well on radio.  It is a well crafted song about love, heartbreak, and holding on to faith.  Other standout tracks are I-44, Fly With Me, and Back's Against The Wall. The band has been making a name for themselves in their home state of Missouri but they are coming to Oklahoma quite a bit.  I would like to see them come to Texas soon.  The CD will be officially released at their July 19th show Cartoon's Oyster Bar in Missouri, however the band is playing at the Wormy Dog Saloon on Friday.  I highly recommend you download Devil By The Tail on ITunes. I don't have an exact release for the ITunes but we will let you know as soon I find out. Also be on the look out to see them in Oklahoma in the fall. They have string of dates in the area around September and October including College Days in Stillwater.


Jul 7, 2013


Scour the internet. Scroll through hours of social media posts. Google search "bands that sound like"... These are things I do for hours at a time, day after day, to find great new music. Sometimes I come up with nothing. Sometimes I get lucky. Sometimes a band comes to me and makes it easy.  Finds like the one I will tell you about here make it all worth the hunt. Today I bring you an Oklahoma band soon to be demanding your attention. Once you get a listen to what the Tear Stained Eye have put together on their new self titled debut EP, they will have it.

As albums go, you really can't miss when you have the red dirt icon Mike McClure behind the scenes pushing the buttons and it shows with this solid effort from the western Oklahoma band. The guys seem to have a pretty deep understanding of the spirit of Oklahoma's storied red dirt music and it shines through here. The tracks "Backroads to Heaven" and "Dust and Tumbleweeds" would fit right in against any of your favorite Great Divide tunes. The track "Heartworn Highway" is a catchy well crafted tune that is as close to radio ready as you can get and should be a solid radio single.

The guys have been honing their craft and defining their stage presence in some of the best venues Oklahoma has to offer. Efforts that resulted in a recent win in the local portion of the Texaco Country Showdown and they will now go on to compete at the state level. Not bad for a band that has only been together in it's current form since late 2012. With members Bill Crane (vocals-rhythm guitar), Chase Evans (lead guitar), Andy Cox (bass) and Travis McKinzie (drums) the Tear Stained Eye stand poised and ready to take the scene by storm. First you... Then Oklahoma... And then???

for more on the band click here or here