Jun 18, 2013

Slaid Cleaves - Still Fighting the War

Today is new music Tuesday and one album in particular has really gotten my attention today. The new Slaid Cleaves release Still Fighting the War is out now and should be at the top of your must haves list.

With a masterful grip on lyrical intricacies, Cleaves has put together more a work of art than an album. The title song on the album is a very real take on a soldier dealing with life after war and shows a side of things not many are familiar or comfortable with.

The tracks "Rust Belt Fields" and "Welding Burns" tell the working man's tale of hard work and struggle and blistered hands with such conviction that you can't help but feel the dreariness experienced by these down trodden heroes.

Every song on this album pulls emotion from the listener like a great record should. Whether it be lost love, in love, mourning or life's journey, you feel exactly what Slaid is singing about on every track. Take a listen and try not to relate or feel for the characters in these stories in song.

For more on Slaid Cleaves go here --->http://slaidcleaves.com/

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