May 22, 2013

It's gonna be ok in Moore ,OK

One of the things that I love about the state of Oklahoma, is the people. In the wake of the devastation following tornadoes that ravaged the state on Sunday and Monday the outpouring of support for the communties and people that have lost so much. Numerous benefits have been organized to raise funds and donations, events already planned turned into benefits to help out, and supply runs started Monday night and are ongoing now. Musician and resident Okie Bo Phillips and Kylie Rae Harris have joined up with the folks from the Arbuckle Ballroom in Davis, OK to put on a huge benefit show that has dozens of Oklahoma and Texas bands/musicians joining the effort. A current line up includes:
- The Great Divide
- Rich O'Toole
- Mike Ryan
- No Justice
- The Damn Quails
- Red Dirt Rangers
- Phil Hamilton
- William Clark Green
- Chad Sullins and LLC
- Six Market Blvd
and many many more bands with more joining by the minute.

For info on the show go to Bo Phillips Band or The Arbuckle Ballroom facebook pages. Tickets are on sale now at this link. As always you can donate to any reputable charity organization to assist in relief efforts.

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