May 29, 2013

CMT Coming to Texas?

CMT is starting to focus more and more on Texas and Oklahoma music these days. While they may not be playing a ton of videos on air, they do feature video premiers online at and several TX/OK artists have filmed segments for what I can only assume is a new CMT show that may feature TX/OK bands.

It remains to be seen whether it will be a long term flirtation with bringing our beloved music to a more national audience but as they say in the biz "any press is good press" right? Hopefully the attention being brought to the TX/OK music scene will bring attention to the amazing amount of talent from the folks out here west of Nashville.

Here is a look at the latest Texas addition to the CMT library. Casey Donahew band's new video for their song "Whiskey Baby."

May 28, 2013

Will Arrington - Miles Left To Go CD Review

There seems to be a crop of young talent that is coming up in the ranks of the Texas/Red dirt music scene. The music is getting better. It's smarter, less about comparing how country they are but more about imagery and allowing the listener to gather their own ideas about the song.  One of the names that should be remembered is Will Arrington.  He recently released his new cd Miles Left To Go.  Recorded at Cheatham Street Woodshed Studio, this cd comes with strong writing and great production.  Will and his band have been regulars on Cheatham Street Warehouse's Tuesday night showcase.  Tuesday nights are famous nights in the history of Texas music at least at Cheatham Street.  Stevie Ray Vaughn and Randy Rogers got their starts there on those nights.  To listen to Miles Left To Go it comes out strong straight out of the gate with the lead track Coming Back Around.  It pulls no punches quickly moving into the next song Final Stand.  Other standouts on this cd are Just Another, Rain, Stay With Me Tonight, and My Old Friends.  To check out where you can see Will Arrington click here.  I really do think this is an artist that has potential to be something big. 

May 22, 2013

It's gonna be ok in Moore ,OK

One of the things that I love about the state of Oklahoma, is the people. In the wake of the devastation following tornadoes that ravaged the state on Sunday and Monday the outpouring of support for the communties and people that have lost so much. Numerous benefits have been organized to raise funds and donations, events already planned turned into benefits to help out, and supply runs started Monday night and are ongoing now. Musician and resident Okie Bo Phillips and Kylie Rae Harris have joined up with the folks from the Arbuckle Ballroom in Davis, OK to put on a huge benefit show that has dozens of Oklahoma and Texas bands/musicians joining the effort. A current line up includes:
- The Great Divide
- Rich O'Toole
- Mike Ryan
- No Justice
- The Damn Quails
- Red Dirt Rangers
- Phil Hamilton
- William Clark Green
- Chad Sullins and LLC
- Six Market Blvd
and many many more bands with more joining by the minute.

For info on the show go to Bo Phillips Band or The Arbuckle Ballroom facebook pages. Tickets are on sale now at this link. As always you can donate to any reputable charity organization to assist in relief efforts.

May 16, 2013

That's the Sh!t Thursday- Chad Sullins & the Last Call Coalition "Only Girl"

On the off chance that you have been under a rock somewhere and missed the release of Sullins and LCC's album Incommunicado last year you have a chance to redeem yourself a little here. They made it official this week that they are finally releasing "Only Girl" as the second single off of the album. The previous release had modest success on the Texas music charts hitting somewhere in the #60's range with little more than a grass roots campaign and word of mouth from their fans. I have already seen the buzz on Twitter and Facebook and there is no doubt the forces are joining together to push the single "Only Girl" even higher. So grab your girl because as Chad says "this song is couple's skate only..."

May 9, 2013

That's The Sh!t Thursday - Whiskey Myers

Unless I missed it, I haven't seen much talk about the release of the Whiskey Myers video for their song "Virginia." Either way, if I just missed it or it slid in under the radar, you have to see it. This is by far my favorite song on their latest album Firewater. See it here.

Check out more on Whiskey Myers here

May 3, 2013

Bo Phillips George Jones Tribute Song

Oklahoma singer/ songwriter Bo Phillips just put up a sneak peak of a tribute song for the late George Jones. Listen and share your thoughts with Bo on his facebook or twitter pages. I love it.