Apr 7, 2013

Welcome Cole Porter Band To the OK/TX Show.

A great thing about music in these modern times is that through Facebook, Twitter, and the other various social media sites; it is now easier to find bands that normally it would take years to find out about.  If it wasn't for these sites I wouldn't have stumbled across Chad Sullins or Copper and Glass. Two finds that I talk about any chance I get.  Another band I am happy to have found is Cole Porter Band.  These guys and gal have been making music in Missouri for the past five years.  They have opened up for Boland, Turnpike, and many others we know and love.  Recently they went into the studio with Mike McClure at The Boohatch.  I am pretty much convinced that when Mike McClure touches your record nothing but good things happen.  I really want to see more of these guys down here in Texas and Oklahoma.  I am not sure when the record is going to be done but check out there reverbnation page for a taste of what this band is all about.  When I know more on a release date I will share it with you. Here is a link to find out where you can see them.   Cole Porter Band Website If you like what you hear, remember to share it with others.  Keep on supporting the music! 

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