Apr 30, 2013

Micky & The Motorcars Concert Review

On Saturday, April 27, I went to see Micky & The Motorcars at the Aggie Theatre in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  If you have not had a chance to see this fantastic band live, you are missing out.  From the opening notes of "Stay With Me" to the encore of "Careless" and "Bloodshot," it was nonstop in-your-face Americana Roots Rock.

Being in the front row afforded me to get a look at the impeccable musicianship these guys have.  They are a tight-knit group who have a genuine love for their craft.  You see it in the guitar playing, drumming, and Micky & Gary's hard-driving vocals.  Then there is the exceptional songwriting.  This is what is close to my heart and the it's the soul of every song.

The Motorcars' high-energy set was even rocking when it was time to slow down the pace of the songs.  There is something to be said about a job that you love doing and that passion could be seen in their playing.  The set list ranged from fan favorites "Rock Springs To Cheyenne" and "Carolina Morning" to Reckless Kelly's "Noboby's Girl" (rocked out to the fullest) and one of my favorites "Naive."  Their set also included a few covers, my favorite being "Tougher Than The Rest" by Bruce Springsteen.  However, it's the Chris LeDoux version I know and love.  It was great to see an ode to Chris and Wyoming, since I live in Casper and he is still idolized here.  To top off a wonderful evening of one of the best live shows I've seen, I got to meet the band after the show.

Do yourself a favor and go see a Micky & The Motorcars show and prepare to be blown away.  I have every album they have put out and every song etched in my memory, but it didn't prepare me for the amazing talent this band has.

Go and support live music!

Apr 25, 2013

That's The Sh!t Thursday - John Calvin

One of the coolest thing's I have found in my time scouring the interwebs for cool new music is the VDub Sessions on YouTube. They take local artists and independent artists (mainly from OK but a few from elsewhere) pack them into an old green VW bus and capture some off the cuff acoustic magic. I came across one recently that has 2 of my favorite local Oklahoma artists in it. The song is "Cut The Rope" by John Calvin but also features the always fabulous Camille Harp. Check it out and enjoy.

see more of John here http://www.johncalvinmusic.com/

Apr 11, 2013

That's The Sh!t Thursday - Mike Hosty Fraidy Hole

Only in Oklahoma can weather go from 80 degrees one day and the next day you have severe Thunderstorms with severe winter warnings with freezing rain right on it's tail. I'm sure more than a few folks wound up in their "fraidy hole" and this one is for them. Mike Hosty (who also wrote Stoney's hit Oklahoma Breakdown) performs his song Fraidy Hole for us. A song detailing events that me and my Oklahomies often consider a normal Tuesday night.

Apr 7, 2013

Welcome Cole Porter Band To the OK/TX Show.

A great thing about music in these modern times is that through Facebook, Twitter, and the other various social media sites; it is now easier to find bands that normally it would take years to find out about.  If it wasn't for these sites I wouldn't have stumbled across Chad Sullins or Copper and Glass. Two finds that I talk about any chance I get.  Another band I am happy to have found is Cole Porter Band.  These guys and gal have been making music in Missouri for the past five years.  They have opened up for Boland, Turnpike, and many others we know and love.  Recently they went into the studio with Mike McClure at The Boohatch.  I am pretty much convinced that when Mike McClure touches your record nothing but good things happen.  I really want to see more of these guys down here in Texas and Oklahoma.  I am not sure when the record is going to be done but check out there reverbnation page for a taste of what this band is all about.  When I know more on a release date I will share it with you. Here is a link to find out where you can see them.   Cole Porter Band Website If you like what you hear, remember to share it with others.  Keep on supporting the music! 

Apr 5, 2013

Red Dirt Rangers Are Ready To Ride Again

One of the first things they teach you about being a writer is to try and be
impartial to your subject when doing a review or an interview. Well, there are very few times when you get to sit and chat with someone who is legitimately a legend in this scene.

I had that opportunity to do just that recently.  A friend of mine has gotten himself some pretty cool contacts up in Stillwater lately and somehow my name and this little website came up in conversation. A few days later, I sat and had a 40 minute conversation with one of the people I most admire in this music scene, John Cooper from The Red Dirt Rangers.

The RDR are one of the bands that have been at the forefront of the Oklahoma music scene for well over 20 years. In fact, they are celebrating 25 years together this year. So as you can imagine, they have quite a history, an incredible legacy and countless numbers of Okie musicians who call them an inspiration or influence. What could they possibly have left? You would be surprised. If you have a minute, stay a while. I will tell you what I know.

In celebration of their 25th year the Rangers, John Cooper- Brad Piccolo- Ben Han have set out on what they call the "Oklahoma Wold Tour." Though it may not seem like a big deal, a more frequent show schedule is something that the guys haven't done in a while. They do play quite a few shows throughout the year but are making a point to get out more and get to places they haven't been to in a while. In fact, they recently played 2 shows at Willie's Saloon on the Strip in Stillwater, OK. That is something that hasn't happened in years.

There is a new album in the works. John said that they took their time with this album and have made the effort to put out what he called their fist true studio album. The album Lone Chimney boasts no less than 4 Grammy nominated musicians. Lloyd Maines, Steve Ripley, Fats Kaplin and John Fullbright are all supporting the band in studio. It was recorded on 2 inch tape which gives the album an old school vibe. Coop told me that this album was so different from their previous records that he almost couldn't believe how good it sounded when he heard the first playback. The recording is done and all that is left is production and advertising  To finalize that side of it, the band recently put out a kickstarter campaign to finish the odds and ends. See that here KICKSTARTER.

So that has to be it right? NOT EVEN CLOSE! John and Brad host a weekly Radio Show on KOSU that showcases the music that they know and love. Music that has inspired and influenced them. You can hear that here.

John is very active in the Red Dirt Relief Fund and organization that helps musicians in time of need.

That all? NOPE!

Brad and Coop also do a play together. They take us on a journey down a road of what if. What if Woody Guthrie and Bob Wills had crossed paths at some point. Who wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall in that room?

If you can name another group of guys that are more involved in nearly aspect of a music scene, well... I'd just have to call you a liar.

So, from my talk with Coop it was clear that the Rangers are nowhere near ready to step away from what they love. They continue to be pioneers in the Red Dirt scene. The music they make continues to connect to fans both old and new. 25 years together and still improving on perfection.

And rest assured, that's 25 years, so far...

For more info on the Red Dirt Rangers go here http://www.reddirtrangers.com/