Mar 1, 2013

The New Kid In Town

Hi everyone!  As Brandon told you he was going to have new writers on this blog.  I wanted to introduce myself.   My name is Lauren and I will be one of the contributors to this site.  I live in San Antonio, TX. In the last decade I have been very lucky to see some truly wonderful and talented artists.  I spend a lot of time in venues through out San Antonio, New Braunfels, and San Marcos listening to songwriters and bands of all kinds of styles and ages.  I don't write about the people involved to have any part of their glory.  I really do mean that.  This music scene has gotten so big that is hard to see everyone and everything. That is where I come in to help. What I hope to do here, is share with you some new bands and maybe some old bands that are out there.  Music choices are ultimately up to the ear of the listener. So with that said, it is up to you to decide what you think is good.  When I find something that I think needs to be talked about I will share with you what I like and I why I am so passionate about sharing it with you.  I won't tell you the bands I don't like.  Why would I want to waste my time or your time on that?  So who do I listen to you may be asking?  (if you aren't I will tell you anyway)  I can be found listening to Cross Canadian Ragweed, The Great Divide, Chris Knight, Rodney Crowell, Radney Foster, Stoney Larue, Jason Eady, Adam Hood, Folk Family Revival, Whiskeytown, The Departed, Mike McClure Band, The Trisha's, Kevin Welch, Steve Earle.  As for newer maybe not so known artists, I am listening to James Pardo and The Underestimated, Roadside Libby, Southern Strangers, Courtney Patton, Captain Legendary Band, Forest Wayne Allen, Chris King, Copper and Glass and Will Owen Gage.   This is only a sampling of what I listen to.  If I named everything I would be here all night.  I also have a blog I started recently.  You can see what I have already been writing this year at Thanks for reading. I look forward to sharing the world of this red dirt/Texas/Oklahoma music scene with you. 


Sunshine said...

Look forward to reading what you have to say Lauren. I am a red dirt loving gal stuck in the Ga red clay. A place where mainstream country is deeply rooted in. When I came across Mike McClure about three years all changed for me. It paved a path to a 'non'genre of music which has changed my life in many ways. I listen and soak in much of the same music as you. Can't wait to check out some of your lesser knowns.

Kelli Schulenberg said...

I am looking forward to reading your posts. I am a Red Dirt music lover living in Wyoming.

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