Mar 7, 2013

That's The Sh!t Thursday- The Red Dirt Rangers

This week's TTST is going to be a little different. These guys here are celebrating 25 years together as a band this year. That in itself is the shit. But they also happen to be one of the earliest members of the Red Dirt music movement. The Red Dirt Rangers have been a part of the scene since before some of the current members were even born. That kind of staying power and ability to stay relevant is nothing short of amazing.

I was honored to sit and talk with RDR John Cooper last night was inspired by his passion and love for the Red Dirt scene. He firmly believes that the music The Rangers will put out this year will be the best they have done as a band. That really says a lot looking back at their history and influence on a whole generation of Oklahoma musicians.

 I will be doing a feature on the band soon to detail all of the things they have going on in the next few months. They will be kicking it off by playing a show March 8th at Willie's in Stillwater, OK where it all began. But in the mean time enjoy the music here.

check them out here

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