Feb 28, 2013

Ch Ch Ch Changes...

Alright folks, I just wanted to let you know that there will be new new guys adding to the site very soon. I sadly do not have the time to devote to RDBC like I did this time last year. But I didn't want to neglect it, or those of you that have followed along and supported us for the last year. We will still do our best to bring you news, reviews, interviews and whatever info we can to keep you updated on the scene we all know and love. Thank you for all your support.

That's The Sh!t Thursday- Dustin Welch

I first heard Dustin last year when he did an acoustic set with Stoney Larue at the Gypsy Cafe in Stillwater, OK. I was hooked and bought his album Whiskey Priest off of him before he even left the stage. He has a new album called Tijuana Bible that is a must add to your collection. Enjoy this version of "Things I Cannot Change".

check him out here http://www.dustinwelch.com/

Feb 21, 2013

That's The Sh!t Thursday - The Washers

I recently discovered these guys and have been way glad I did. This song "Devil's Name" is the title track from The Washers was on their 2010 album Devils Name. The lyrics are amazing and the music is pretty dang good. The whole album was a great listen. They do have a new album they put out last year named Tired Eyes that is another great effort. The band's current single "Like A Gypsy Should" is now meandering it's way around the Texas Music charts. Give it a listen and enjoy.

check them out here

Feb 14, 2013

That's The Sh!t Thursday- Uncle Lucius

Time for another installment of That's The Shit Thursday and today I bring you the soulful Rock filled goodness that is Uncle Lucius. They hail from down around Austin TX so that in itself explains the funkiness that emanates from these gents.  Give it a listen.

for more on Uncle Lucius go here 

Feb 7, 2013

That's The Sh!t Thursday- Sons of Fathers

This week's That's The Sh!t Thursday is Sons of Fathers. I saw these guys open for Uncle Lucius last year at Steamboat. By far one of my favorite performers from Musicfest 2012. Enjoy. You can see more here