Nov 25, 2012

The Departed Have Arrived

That simple title pretty much says everything you need to know. But leaving it at that just wouldn't be any fun now would it? So here is what I'm going to do; I'm going to give you my unfiltered and uncensored opinion on what The Departed have brought to the table. Warning you now- some of what I am about to say may hit some of you the wrong way but bare in  mind that this is my opinion. Let's begin.

Now 250,000 positive reviews have come out since the release of ADVENTUS. Hell I even wrote one for the other website that I write for. I didn't feel like I captured everything I wanted to say there however. That site is a much bigger and well respected name in the Texas Music scene and I didn't want any possible negativity as a result of this article to impact them. Not that my view on  this album is bad in any way. In fact it is very much the opposite. I feel like The Departed just put out an album that will change this scene.

You can find full reviews of ADVENTUS in a million places online so I'm not going to do that here. The short version- ADVENTUS is an auditory work of art. Musically and lyrically woven together to create a complete listening experience. These songs pull you in and bring you with them down a path to a near musical nirvana. I don't give a damn if that sounds a little cheesy. I dare you to listen to this album and not be personally affected by at least one song.

I had pre-ordered the album and was lucky to get it a few days early. Seconds after I took it out of  the mailbox it was in  my cd player. I listened to it countless times over the next few days. It created one of the greatest and most frustrating feelings you can experience as a writer. This album is so good that I struggled to find and put together the words to accurately portray it. I rewrote that review three times trying to get it right. It was very hard to stay objective and professional while writing a review for what I felt was one of the best albums I have heard in years. 

A few days after the release of ADVENTUS I got lucky enough to actually see The Departed do a show in Wichita Falls. Being a fan of the music that Seth James had done on his own and a Ragweed fan for over a decade I knew the caliber of live performance these guys were capable of, or so I thought. What I saw on that stage that night was more than a show. The Departed are more than a band. They are five guys sharing a vision. Sharing a love of music. Five guys sharing a belief that music can change the world. And to be blunt, there is not a band out there close to the level that The Departed are on right now.

After that show I got a chance to talk with Cody Canada for a few minutes. Talking to one of your idols never really goes the way you would like for it to does it? I look back now and think of all the things I would like to have said. I look back on what I did say and get that "I can't believe I said that" kind of feeling. I stood there nervous, a little flustered and half in doubt that I was actually talking to Cody Canada. Now this is where a few of you may get a little upset.

Whether due to new found inspiration or a little liquid courage, I stood there that night and told Cody that what I had seen on stage that night was better than anything he had ever done before. The music coming out of this band seems to be everything Cody has been wanting to do and had inside him for the better part of a decade. The talent that Seth James brings to the table allows Cody to really open himself up. I told Cody that as a fan, I was glad that he was able to finally express himself fully as a musician now and that I couldn't wait to see how far The Departed were going to go.

Now I'm sure someone has probably said something similar to him at some point. But I can't imagine how it feels to do something new after being part of the band that helped create a scene. How nervous would you be starting something that is new to people who have followed your music for years, but to finally do what you have been wanting to do for almost as long. All I'm going to say now is get ready for change people.

People need to let go of hopes of Ragweed getting back together. If it happens at some point that would be amazing. But even Cody has said in interviews that it isn't likely. He has moved on and so should we as fans. Stop yelling for them to play old Ragweed songs at shows. There are a few of the staples in there. Enjoy that trip down memory lane but open yourself up to the new stuff. Ragweed was an amazing band. The Departed are an amazing band.

I am going to end with a quote from Cody. This was in an article in the Stillwater Newspress in May of this year- “If you trusted us in our other bands, then trust us in this one, because we’re rejuvenated,” Canada said. “I know Jeremy and I are. I can’t speak for everybody. I feel like we got a new lease, and now we get to start again and we’re older and more mature about it and trust us.” Trust...

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