Nov 15, 2012

Is This Thing On?

Today's post is going to be a little different. I want this one to be a little more interactive. I posted a story a few months back that talked about how I felt there was an overwhelming lack of support for musicians in the Texas and Oklahoma music scene these days. See that story here.

Today, Bo Phillips, who is a fairly well known musician from Oklahoma, has really called out the masses. He put it out there in black and white and voiced his frustration for the lack of support that he and some other major acts in the scene have seen. See what he had to say here.

My question to you is this- WHY? WHY are people not coming to shows? Bands have thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook, but 12 people come out to a free show. As fans we say we love this music and how much better it is than what we hear on the radio. WHY do we not support it? Talking to a musician on Twitter doesn't pay his rent, or put food on his table. Cover charges, T-shirts, koozies, and Cds are the things that make it possible for the musicians you claim to love survive day to day.

This isn't just a venue issue, or a lack of promotion issue and you can't blame the economy or high ticket prices for crap turn out at a free show. I want to know why. Why is there a lack of support? And what needs to change to fix it? Let's discuss... Reply here, email, tweet, send a pigeon, whatever you want
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Anonymous said...

We as the Tx music scene have created this problem ourselves. Remember when all we had was Nashville and we all complained we heard the same song over and over again. Tx radio has the same problem now. Give the new artists a few more spins I am sure RRB and JAB could spare a few. Artists also play the same venues too often. If you play more than twice at the same place in a month its not special anymore. Some artists don't dress nice or put on exciting shows like they used to. Get off that stool and entertain. That's what made Great Divide and CCR great. We have to realize that kids today want more than they deserve. We have to shock and awe them with more than a great voice and guitar skills. Keep it fresh or we will become Nashville. Keep it fun and do it because you love it and the fans will come. Play for those 10 like they are 10,000 . That's how it all started any way because we didn't need the masses they needed us. - Jody Lee

Brandon Meyers said...

Well said, It is very much a catch-22 situation. Fans don't come out so artists don't provide top notch shows so fans don't come out because artists don't do top notch shows...

Sheryl Kilby said...

Outsider view if that's ok. I'm from GA. The Departed comes to ATL maybe twice a year. Turnpike Troubadours are finally coming in June. I am already so excited about these two shows..months away..have bought my tickets. Have recruited friends to go with me (I'm the only red dirt lovin' gal I know). I have traveled to The Shed in Tenn. to see The Departed. I have seen them at least 6 times in three different states. The worst show I was at was in Austin. It was just different. The crowds didn't seem very appreciative. I guess it is because they have access all the time that in some ways they have lost their passion. Taking for granted what they have on their backporches. How to fix that I don't know. And perhaps I too would become that complacent. But I don't think so. This music has become so much of who I am and what I need to breathe. Now only if I can convice Mac to head this way. At least I have his Stageit shows to soak in until I can get out there to hear his words in person.

Cletus Clugg said...

i'm from florida where red dirt and texas musicians never ever visit. so a friend has been recruiting me to come to the Woody Guthrie Free Folk Festival (WGFFF) for years. i finally made it to the 2011 and 2012 WGFFF and it did not disappoint. the passion the red dirt folks displayed was noted. i saw artists i have never or hardly heard of such as ellis paul, stoney larue, andrew hardin, rob mcnultry, red dirt rangers, butch handcock, stonehoney, the damn quails, john fullbright and jimmy lafave to name a few. i am a devoted follower of the red dirt scene now, but it is next to impossible to see shows in my home state.

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