Oct 16, 2012

New Music November

For me, I have to say that this has been a slow year for great new music. There were a few outstanding releases: see Jason Eady, Turnpike Troubadours, Chad Sullins & Last Call Coalition, & Chris Knight. November however is shaping up to be the month I have been waiting for all year. Save your pennies now and get all of these albums.

Next month we will see new music from No Justice, The Departed, & Tom Skinner. The No justice album has me excited because I have seen a lot of the new stuff live and love it. It sounds a lot like some of their older stuff and that has always been some of my favorite stuff from them.

Tom Skinner is an Oklahoma Red Dirt music legend. Instead of going on and on about a guy that most of you likely don't know, check out the 598 Recordings FB page here for a press release. There are some pretty big names excited by the Skinner album. This album has me very excited.

Lastly The Departed. This is an album I have been waiting for since before the release of This Is Indian Land. I have been a fan of Cody Canada going on 15 years. I hated that some people didn't get what This Is Indian Land was about, but it was by far one of my favorite albums over the last year. I have no doubt though, that Adventus will dominate this music scene once released. The few tracks that have been released are phenomenal.

Music like this is what keeps me listening. It is why I love to share music with people. To me, music is the soundtrack to life and if you surround yourself with music that inspires and motivates you the melody should be endless.

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