Oct 28, 2012

Hitting The Road

I wanted to share some news with those of you that have followed along with RDBC over the last year. Some of you may know that I have written articles for a few other websites from time to time as a way to bring more exposure to the great music that we cover here on RDBC. The goal has always been to bring as much coverage and attention to the music. In hopes of doing more I have talked with a couple of the bigger media outlets that cover the TX and OK music scene. I am happy to let you guys know that last week I signed on to be a writer for Texas Red Dirt Roads over at http://www.txrdr.com/. If you don't already do so please follow along with the RDBC twitter @rddirtblucollar for updates on stories for Texas Red Dirt Roads. I will continue the RDBC website as well. Without it and you, none of this would be possible. Thanks for your continued support.

Oct 24, 2012

No Justice Sneak Peek

I wrote last week about the new No Justice album that is due out soon. Well, word from the band is that the album will now be released December 4th. They did howeve release a little acoustic sneak peek at one of the tracks off of the new album. Here is 'Never Gonna Be Enough' off of their upcoming release America's Son.

Oct 18, 2012

Reckless Kelly Rocking The Vote -Pennsylvania Avenue

Reckless Kelly released their video for the song Pennsylvania Avenue today. My hat is off to the guys for writing a song that has a voice and stands for something. The song is a not so shy reminder that people should go vote. In an election year that has seen people resort to name calling and lashing out at people with opinions and views different than their own, this was a bold and brave move. One for which I applaud them, and thank them for. No matter what side you are on people, do more than just talk about the election this year. Get informed, get out there, and VOTE!


Oct 16, 2012

New Music November

For me, I have to say that this has been a slow year for great new music. There were a few outstanding releases: see Jason Eady, Turnpike Troubadours, Chad Sullins & Last Call Coalition, & Chris Knight. November however is shaping up to be the month I have been waiting for all year. Save your pennies now and get all of these albums.

Next month we will see new music from No Justice, The Departed, & Tom Skinner. The No justice album has me excited because I have seen a lot of the new stuff live and love it. It sounds a lot like some of their older stuff and that has always been some of my favorite stuff from them.

Tom Skinner is an Oklahoma Red Dirt music legend. Instead of going on and on about a guy that most of you likely don't know, check out the 598 Recordings FB page here for a press release. There are some pretty big names excited by the Skinner album. This album has me very excited.

Lastly The Departed. This is an album I have been waiting for since before the release of This Is Indian Land. I have been a fan of Cody Canada going on 15 years. I hated that some people didn't get what This Is Indian Land was about, but it was by far one of my favorite albums over the last year. I have no doubt though, that Adventus will dominate this music scene once released. The few tracks that have been released are phenomenal.

Music like this is what keeps me listening. It is why I love to share music with people. To me, music is the soundtrack to life and if you surround yourself with music that inspires and motivates you the melody should be endless.

Oct 11, 2012

Throwback Thursday Jason Boland 'Somewhere Down In Texas'

Today I picked one of my favorite Jason Boland tracks. 'Somewhere Down In Texas' was on his first album Pearl Snaps in 1999. When a song is 13 years old and still a staple of your live show, you know you have done it right. Enjoy.