Sep 13, 2012

Throwback Thursday - Mama Sweet 'Truckstop'

For this week's throwback Thursday I did something a little different. The song I chose isn't really that old. Quick explanation. I asked on Twitter last night what a high school football coach and a bare foot guitar player have in common... The answer is that they are 2 parts of the best band that isn't... Mama Sweet. After several years of playing music the band has taken a break/ hiatus/ gone into semi-retirement. Some of the band has moved on to other projects while lead singer Aron Holt is now a football coach in Oklahoma. The bare foot lead guitar player I mentioned, Alan Orebaugh, now plays with Stoney LaRue. Mama Sweet does however still have a rather devoted following and has been known to put on a show or two for old times sake. I for one am hoping for one at the end of football season. What do ya say Coach?

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