Sep 14, 2012

Texas Music Cares

Here is just one more example of why I am a fan of the Texas music scene. If you are like me,you all love to drink beer and listen to music. How about doing it for charity? Below is a press release for a benefit to help out the Texas Music Cares organization. Read the release, mark your calendars, and get out there and party for a good cause!

On October 14, 2012 Red Cactus Music Co. is hosting a great event to help raise operating funds for Texas Music Cares.  Texas Music Cares is an organization that truly cares about the musicians and the non-profit organizations in Texas. This is what is stated on their website "The purpose of Texas Music Cares is a plethora of reasons.  First and foremost we want to help the Texas musicians get their music heard and their   fan bases built. They pour out their heart and soul to all of us that listen...they deserve to be heard.  Although in that quest we also know that Texas musicians care.  So when each concert event is planned we will   also be deciding on a local non-profit organization to help out. We as a Texas music community want to help in any way we can and this is the avenue we can take to do it. At the end of each concert event the local non-profit organization will receive a portion of the profits to help them in the mission they are working so hard towards.  Our purpose is to help all that we can."  Texas Music Cares was founded in 2010 and has helped many musicians be heard in areas that might not have ever heard them. Each concert event they put on has at least two acoustic artists and one full band along with auctions and t-shirt sales to help raise even more money to help out. A few organizations that have been beneficiaries of Texas Music Cares events are: St. Joseph Madison Health Center (providing mammograms for low income women), Academy of Texas Music, Humane Society of New Braunfels, Texas Honor Ride and Gardenia E. Janssen Animal Shelter. While Texas Music Cares has been approved by the state of Texas for a non-profit status it is still lacking the funds to file the official paperwork to get the 501c3 status and number. Since it has been founded Texas Music Cares has always relied on the good hearts and generosity of businesses and organizations in the local communities for funding and support to hold the   events.  Once they gain the 501c3 status and number they can then pursue bigger sponsorships to be able to help the musicians and non-profit   organizations even more. 

Chris Weathers, co-founder of Red Cactus Music Co., met with Dillon Steen, founder of Texas Music Cares, Inc., and found out about the plight of Texas Music Cares and their dedication and mission...and in turn he decided to host this great event.  Several great companies have joined in for the sponsorship of the event: Texas Music Water, Silver Star Whiskey, 94.9 The Outlaw and Southern Music Scene. Outskirts in Wichita   Falls, TX is the place that has graciously donated their venue for the use of this great show.  Many talented Texas musicians have donated their time to play at the benefit any tons of great auction items have also been   donated.  Please look at the line up below and some of the items donated.
12:45-1:45: Rod Ballou, Rick Bussey, Blaine Gillespie and Dillon Ray
2:00-3-00: Aubrey Lynn England, Dempsey Pullen, Chuck   Ligon and Bailey McLaa
3:15-4:15: Erick Willis, Luke Holman, Chad St. John, and Zack Verner
4:45-5:45: Matt Dunn, Whitney O'Neil and Aaron "Fiddleboi" Mingus
6:15-7:15: Chad McBride and The Drifters
7:45-9:00: Tc Fambro and The Copperheads
Raffle items from some of the greats in Texas Music including: Deryl Dodd, Bart Crow, Jason Boland, Aaron Watson, Radney Foster and many more. Also we will be auctioning off an autographed guitar signed by the artists playing the benefit, an autographed guitar from Josh Abbott, 2 Tickets + Meet and Greets to any Randy Rogers show through 2013 and a live recording for bands through Texas Music Spotlight!
Chris, Dillon, all of Red Cactus Music Co. and all of Texas Music Cares, Inc. invite you to come out to this awesome benefit. Not only will you have a great time but you will also be helping an organization that believes in giving back and you will have the opportunity to support some of the best artists around.  So please make plans to join us at Outskirts in Wichita Falls, TX on October 14th. Hope to see you there!
Chris Weathers
Promotions Director
Red Cactus Music Co.

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