Sep 28, 2012

El Cerrito Place Is Getting Crowded...

So Kenny Chesney has decided to cover El Cerrito Place. When I first heard this I was probably a lot like most of the fans in the Texas/ Red Dirt music scene. "Oh great! Nashville is going to ruin another great song from Texas." Everybody keeps saying Charlie Robison's version is way better. Newsflash folks, Charlie covered the song too. It isn't his. It was written by amazingly talented song writer Keith Gattis. Here is what Charlie had to say about it all via his Facebook page.

Hey ya'll, Chuckie here. I'm so flattered by ur comments about my version of ECP is better than Chesneys,but the down low is that the man who wrote that song{Keith Gattis}should be heard no matter who sings it. Bruce sang Angry all the time better than McGraw{sp?} but that puts his kids through school. i know this aint popular but at least chesney and mcgraw know where the best shit is coming from. Long live Texas/Red Dirt

So before we all fire up the torches and lynch Chesney and Nashville, just remember, our boys sold them the song. I have included all 3 versions. You listen  and decide for yourselves. I will tell you though, my favorite version is from Keith. 

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