Aug 17, 2012

Camille Harp - I'm on Fire

My wife first turned me on to Camille Harp's music a little over a year ago. She is an Oklahoma native who has music in her blood, quite literally. Both of her parents are musicians so Camille naturally took to music as a kid. Her music ranges from folk to slightly Americana with a little bit of country, depending on the song and her mood... The thing that really impresses me about her music are her lyrics.  They are very real. She is not shy about pouring out her emotions through song. Any one who has ever been in a relationship, that makes you question yourself, your beliefs, and what love truly is, will relate to many of her songs.

On her latest album 'Little Bit of Light' one of the gems that truly shines through is a cover, not an original. Though the original songs on the album are all beautifully written and incredible songs, Camille's retelling of Springsteen's "I'm On Fire" is consuming. I stand firm in my opinion that it rivals the intensity and emotion felt in the original. I honestly sat and watched the video several times when I came across it. The pain, suffering and longing told through the lyrics of the song are all too real in her voice. You can feel that every thing she is singing is truth. You  know that this is more than a song, or words, it's almost a confession.

I leave you with the video. See for yourself. I implore you to discover her other work. Music this real, and honest is rare. Even more rare is the talent and ability to turn the words into true art.

Aug 16, 2012

Throwback Thursday - Deryl Dodd

This week's throwback Thursday gem is from Deryl Dodd. His song "Things Are Fixin' to Get Real Good." The song was on his Live At Billy Bob's cd from 2003 and released as a single in 2004. Enjoy!

Aug 10, 2012

World Domination, I mean World Premiere!!!

The music video to "Thank God For Jack Daniels" by Chad Sullins & the Last Call Coalition has been officially released. Look closely because there are a couple of cameo appearances by Jerry Payne (former member of No Justice and now manager to the red dirt stars) and ME. Check it out and crank it up. !

Aug 9, 2012

A Texas Throwback Thursday- Pat Green

I have always been a fan of the storyteller songs. Pat Green is right there with the best of them. However,it's his version of the Joe Ely song "Me and Billy the Kid" that has always been one of my favorites. It tells a great story without being serious, or sad and down trodden. It's  just fun. Enjoy.

Aug 7, 2012

Oklahoma Musicians Step Up for Fire Fighters.

It's hot out there isn't it? Can you imagine working outside in this heat all day? How about working as a firefighter working in this heat to fight the countless wild fires that keep popping up in Central and Western Oklahoma? Not a very tempting proposition is it? But that is exactly what is going on right now. If you live in the state you are well aware, and it has even made National news. To most people, it stays as a slightly sad story on the news, cut to commercial and we are on to something else. Not true for some musicians in the Oklahoma music scene today.

Yesterday was one of the days when everything that I love about the Oklahoma music scene really shines through. The scene is more than a business, it's more than a job, and people in the scene are a family. I got asked if I wanted to be a part of a benefit to help out the firefighters that are working overtime in unbearable heat in central and northern Oklahoma. Almost everyone knows a firefighter; maybe you even have one in your family. How can you say no to a chance to help out like that?

The main man behind the benefit is Trigger Latimer, the tour manager for Chad Sullins & The Last Call Coalition. One of his good friends is the Fire Chief in a small central Oklahoma town. His band and many other Oklahoma musicians will be donating their time this Sunday to put on the benefit to collect cases of water and supplies. Even in a time when some of these musicians may not have enough money to pay their bills they have stepped up to support the firefighters risking their lives to fight the countless fires that keep springing up.

The benefit will take this Sunday the 12th at Grady's 66 Pub in Yukon, OK. The following details are from a post on Trigger's Facebook page:

Heat Relief Benefit line up so far is:

Chris Mullen
Jake Moffat
CJ Greco
Jc Hopkins
Ryan Reid
Ryan Dorman along with the Sunday Night Revival
Jeremy Johnson
Bo Phillips
Full band show by Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition
Hosted by Kyle Carter
Door charge is ONE CASE of water per person (more will be greatly appreciated)
more details to follow, but this will be a great night of music by musicians willing to give up their day off to help out Oklahoma firefighters in need.

So, come on out and support the musicians that are gonna be giving their time in support of their local communities and firefighters. If you cannot attend the event you can still help. Donations can be sent to

Aug 2, 2012

Throwback Thursday - Ragweed 'Boys From Oklahoma'

Cross Canadian Ragweed are considered by many to be one of the forefathers of Red Dirt... Too bad they eventually went up in smoke as a band. Their music still soothes a soul like a good drug. It's high time for you to embrace their genius. Ok, that's all the one liners I got for the song. Hit this right here, enjoy & then pass it to a friend... Oh look at that, I had one more... Love this song!