Jul 25, 2012

Whiskey Myers Release Their 'Anna Marie' Video

Sorry I missed this one yesterday, but the day job really gets in the way sometimes... Anyway, the guys in Whiskey Myers released their video for their catchy tune 'Anna Marie' yesterday on CMT. Not sure what I have missed about CMT debuting so many Texas music videos, but that's another story. With the song close to the top of the Texas Music Charts I thought the video was a great platform for the Whiskey Myers guys to take another step up the ladder. It was very well shot, had a cool story, and was just fun to watch. I wasn't too keen on Whiskey Myers singing around and in front of a bunch of whiskey barrels, but I get it, and that's just my opinion. Overall, nice to see a good band, and hard working group of people getting their foot in the door, their faces on the tube, and their name more known.

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