Jul 28, 2012

Support Your Scene...

Just a quick thought. Lately it seems that a lot of people are complaining about how bad mainstream country radio is. I only have this in response. Mainstream country radio is what it is because people pay money to see those artists. No matter how bad the music may sound, or ridiculous the lyrics may be ('Truck Yeah' I'm looking at you) people buy it. They also buy tickets and merch, and that keeps fueling the fire for the powers that be in the big boy music scene to keep pushing out the crap that people keep buying.

My question to you is this: as a fan of Texas/ Oklahoma/ Red Dirt music, what do you to support your scene? Today I am driving over 3 hours to go see a band I have already seen several times. And I do this a lot. I bought their last CD twice; a hard copy and digital. Yet far too often when I go to shows there are less than 100 people. If you do not show up to support the scene, no matter how much you love the music, more often than not, it will never make it out of the small town bars and dance halls that you aren't going to. The musicians that create art with their instruments and their voices are very much today's starving artist.

Take a look at the top of the Billboard Country Chart, and then look at the Texas Music Chart. I myself would support every act on the bottom 10 of the Texas chart before I support any of the top 10 on the Billboard chart. I understand the complaining about the pop country crap. But remember this, pop is short for popular. Popular just means it has fans that support it. Do your part to support your local music scene, change what popular country music is and keep the music going. Only we, the fans, can do it.

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