Jul 30, 2012

Stop The Stealing. WTF?!?!

What the heck is going on with all of the thefts of equipment and instruments of the artists in Texas right now?  It seems like every time you look at Twitter or Facebook someone has had a guitar stolen or a trailer broken into. The biggest loss this weekend has to go to the guys from Backseat Molly. They were playing in Burleson, TX Friday night and woke up to get back on the road for a show in New Braunfels  the next night. Only one problem… During the night, some low life piece of crap thief decided to take their trailer. Not break into it and steal some stuff… They stole the whole trailer.  This type of stuff has to stop. This is how most of these guys pay their bills.
The number of fans reaching out to help them recover their gear or replace as much as they can is incredible. If you would like to help them go to their facebook and look at the pictures they have posted of some of the stolen gear. Post and share with your friends. They have also set up a donation button on the bottom of their merch page. Just go to www.backseatmollymusic.com and click merch. Lead singer Steven Callaway has also said they will be designing a tee shirt to sell to help that says you helped out the band. They have also promised that in the event that they recover their gear or they receive more money than needed to replace the lost gear that they will donate it to other bands that have been robbed or are in need of gear.
To help out, or follow up, or offer any help that you can go to the bands FB page at

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