Jul 10, 2012

Chad Sullins & Last Call Coalition are INCOMMUNICADO

Photo by Tony Thompson

July 10, 2012, was the official release date of INCOMMUNICADO, the newest album from Chad Sullins & Last Call Coalition. Yeah, I will remember this day. Wanna know why? Well I'm gonna tell you anyway because it's my website and my review. First off, I am a fan of music. I feel at times like it touches my soul. I can hear a song, connect and be transported. I get protective of the music I love and at times have been called a music snob because I do not always agree that the music getting played on the "Red Dirt" radio stations I listen to should be getting airplay. INCOMMUNICADO, to put it simply, has renewed my faith in the wellness of Oklahoma/Red Dirt Music and cemented Chad & LCC as a force waiting to pounce on the next unsuspecting listener.

INCOMMUNICADO is the 2nd full release from Chad & LCC (Chad has also released an amazing solo acoustic EP). With a solid line up now that includes Josh Rutz on lead guitar, Jerry Stanley on bass, and Jeremy Clark on drums, Chad & LCC have taken a huge step forward with their music. They have grown musically and gotten much stronger as a unit. The one thing that has always captured my attention with Chad Sullins is his vocals. Chad's vocals, as always, are strong and powerful with just a little bit of that "been in a smoky bar way too long" raspiness. A sound that I envision as his vocal chords straining to fully project the passion and heart he is pouring out with every word he sings.

As an album, INCOMMUNICADO transcends any genre label because quite honestly, you can't tag it with just one. The first single 'Thank God For Jack Daniels' is a straight up, kick you in the teeth, rock-n-roll, bar room drinking song that is sure to get the band more than a few free drinks. While other tracks on INCOMMUNICADO range from simple soulful acoustic ballads like 'Only Girl' & '10 One 10' that touch your heart and give you that "I have been there" connection to the song. The rocking 'August Sun' is a raucous southern rock infused track reminiscent of any old Skynyrd tunes. 'Scratch' is a rocking bluesy tracked laced with amazing guitar riffs that will melt your ear drums. 'Paris' is a great tune that is just about as close to a pure country track as you will ever find. To me however, the true gem on this album is the band’s cover of an old Bob Childers' tune. Their version of 'Dance with the Gypsies' is unequaled. With all due respect for those who have covered the tune before, you just got one-upped. There is not a track on this album I will skip to get to the next. It's rare to find that kind of consistency in an album these days.

To sum it up; the blend of southern rock, blues, and country gives me a little bit of an old school Cross Canadian Ragweed vibe. It's a little gritty at times and a kinda raw in places, but that's who these guys are. Their lyrics are true and real and rival anything coming from their brothers in the dirt. The music these guys are making not only pays a tribute to the Red Dirt sound that no doubt influenced these "boys from Oklahoma" but makes it proud. INCOMMUNICADO stands ready to lead the way for future generations of Oklahoma musicians down that Red Dirt road...

The album is available on iTunes, lonestarmusic.com and other retailers.

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