Jul 30, 2012

Stop The Stealing. WTF?!?!

What the heck is going on with all of the thefts of equipment and instruments of the artists in Texas right now?  It seems like every time you look at Twitter or Facebook someone has had a guitar stolen or a trailer broken into. The biggest loss this weekend has to go to the guys from Backseat Molly. They were playing in Burleson, TX Friday night and woke up to get back on the road for a show in New Braunfels  the next night. Only one problem… During the night, some low life piece of crap thief decided to take their trailer. Not break into it and steal some stuff… They stole the whole trailer.  This type of stuff has to stop. This is how most of these guys pay their bills.
The number of fans reaching out to help them recover their gear or replace as much as they can is incredible. If you would like to help them go to their facebook and look at the pictures they have posted of some of the stolen gear. Post and share with your friends. They have also set up a donation button on the bottom of their merch page. Just go to www.backseatmollymusic.com and click merch. Lead singer Steven Callaway has also said they will be designing a tee shirt to sell to help that says you helped out the band. They have also promised that in the event that they recover their gear or they receive more money than needed to replace the lost gear that they will donate it to other bands that have been robbed or are in need of gear.
To help out, or follow up, or offer any help that you can go to the bands FB page at

Jul 28, 2012

Support Your Scene...

Just a quick thought. Lately it seems that a lot of people are complaining about how bad mainstream country radio is. I only have this in response. Mainstream country radio is what it is because people pay money to see those artists. No matter how bad the music may sound, or ridiculous the lyrics may be ('Truck Yeah' I'm looking at you) people buy it. They also buy tickets and merch, and that keeps fueling the fire for the powers that be in the big boy music scene to keep pushing out the crap that people keep buying.

My question to you is this: as a fan of Texas/ Oklahoma/ Red Dirt music, what do you to support your scene? Today I am driving over 3 hours to go see a band I have already seen several times. And I do this a lot. I bought their last CD twice; a hard copy and digital. Yet far too often when I go to shows there are less than 100 people. If you do not show up to support the scene, no matter how much you love the music, more often than not, it will never make it out of the small town bars and dance halls that you aren't going to. The musicians that create art with their instruments and their voices are very much today's starving artist.

Take a look at the top of the Billboard Country Chart, and then look at the Texas Music Chart. I myself would support every act on the bottom 10 of the Texas chart before I support any of the top 10 on the Billboard chart. I understand the complaining about the pop country crap. But remember this, pop is short for popular. Popular just means it has fans that support it. Do your part to support your local music scene, change what popular country music is and keep the music going. Only we, the fans, can do it.

Jul 26, 2012

Throwback Thursday- The Great Divide

Gonna start something new this week. I will post a retro Red Dirt Video every Thursday. Hence the title... Throwback Thursday. This week, a little something from what some folks consider one of the early pioneers in Red Dirt, The Great Divide. Enjoy...

Jul 25, 2012

Whiskey Myers Release Their 'Anna Marie' Video

Sorry I missed this one yesterday, but the day job really gets in the way sometimes... Anyway, the guys in Whiskey Myers released their video for their catchy tune 'Anna Marie' yesterday on CMT. Not sure what I have missed about CMT debuting so many Texas music videos, but that's another story. With the song close to the top of the Texas Music Charts I thought the video was a great platform for the Whiskey Myers guys to take another step up the ladder. It was very well shot, had a cool story, and was just fun to watch. I wasn't too keen on Whiskey Myers singing around and in front of a bunch of whiskey barrels, but I get it, and that's just my opinion. Overall, nice to see a good band, and hard working group of people getting their foot in the door, their faces on the tube, and their name more known.

Jul 24, 2012

Turnpike Troubadours Release 'Gin, Smoke, Lies' Video

Check it out y'all. The first video from The Turnpike Troubadours 'Gin, Smoke, Lies'.

Jul 13, 2012

T-Shirts are Coming, Finally....

I will be placing a small order of the RDBC t-shirts next Friday. The cost will be $16 with shipping included. If you would like one send me an email to reddirtbluecollar@gmail.com with the size and number of shirts you would like. And as a thank you, one of you will receive your shirt for free. So get your orders in. Thank you for supporting reddirt-bluecollar.com

Jul 10, 2012

Chad Sullins & Last Call Coalition are INCOMMUNICADO

Photo by Tony Thompson

July 10, 2012, was the official release date of INCOMMUNICADO, the newest album from Chad Sullins & Last Call Coalition. Yeah, I will remember this day. Wanna know why? Well I'm gonna tell you anyway because it's my website and my review. First off, I am a fan of music. I feel at times like it touches my soul. I can hear a song, connect and be transported. I get protective of the music I love and at times have been called a music snob because I do not always agree that the music getting played on the "Red Dirt" radio stations I listen to should be getting airplay. INCOMMUNICADO, to put it simply, has renewed my faith in the wellness of Oklahoma/Red Dirt Music and cemented Chad & LCC as a force waiting to pounce on the next unsuspecting listener.

INCOMMUNICADO is the 2nd full release from Chad & LCC (Chad has also released an amazing solo acoustic EP). With a solid line up now that includes Josh Rutz on lead guitar, Jerry Stanley on bass, and Jeremy Clark on drums, Chad & LCC have taken a huge step forward with their music. They have grown musically and gotten much stronger as a unit. The one thing that has always captured my attention with Chad Sullins is his vocals. Chad's vocals, as always, are strong and powerful with just a little bit of that "been in a smoky bar way too long" raspiness. A sound that I envision as his vocal chords straining to fully project the passion and heart he is pouring out with every word he sings.

As an album, INCOMMUNICADO transcends any genre label because quite honestly, you can't tag it with just one. The first single 'Thank God For Jack Daniels' is a straight up, kick you in the teeth, rock-n-roll, bar room drinking song that is sure to get the band more than a few free drinks. While other tracks on INCOMMUNICADO range from simple soulful acoustic ballads like 'Only Girl' & '10 One 10' that touch your heart and give you that "I have been there" connection to the song. The rocking 'August Sun' is a raucous southern rock infused track reminiscent of any old Skynyrd tunes. 'Scratch' is a rocking bluesy tracked laced with amazing guitar riffs that will melt your ear drums. 'Paris' is a great tune that is just about as close to a pure country track as you will ever find. To me however, the true gem on this album is the band’s cover of an old Bob Childers' tune. Their version of 'Dance with the Gypsies' is unequaled. With all due respect for those who have covered the tune before, you just got one-upped. There is not a track on this album I will skip to get to the next. It's rare to find that kind of consistency in an album these days.

To sum it up; the blend of southern rock, blues, and country gives me a little bit of an old school Cross Canadian Ragweed vibe. It's a little gritty at times and a kinda raw in places, but that's who these guys are. Their lyrics are true and real and rival anything coming from their brothers in the dirt. The music these guys are making not only pays a tribute to the Red Dirt sound that no doubt influenced these "boys from Oklahoma" but makes it proud. INCOMMUNICADO stands ready to lead the way for future generations of Oklahoma musicians down that Red Dirt road...

The album is available on iTunes, lonestarmusic.com and other retailers.

Twitter @CSandLCC

Jul 8, 2012

Great Red Dirt Festival & Some No Justice News

A real good read from Stillwaterscene.com gives us all the latest info on the 13th Annual Dwight Boeckman Music Festival to be held Saturday, August 4, in Okeene, Oklahoma. As well as some updated news on what has been going on behind the scenes for the guys in No Justice who will headline the festival. Check it out here.
and for news on the Dwight Boekman Music Festival go here http://www.facebook.com/dwightboeckmanmusicfest

Jul 2, 2012

Wanna Ask Your Fave Musician/Band a Question?

Silly question right? Who wouldn't want to ask their favorite band or musician a question or two if you were given a chance? Well your chance is here. If you were not aware yet, Best In Texas Magazine is doing just that. Every Monday they are doing a live Twitter chat with some of the biggest names in Texas/Oklahoma music. Go follow them at @bestintex on twitter or go here http://tweetchat.com/room/talk2bit. Past chat guests have Included Pat Green, Wade Bowen, And the Turnpike Troubadours. The upcoming line up is just as good. So check it out. Support the people that support the music and bring you the latest news and info from the Texas / Oklahoma music scene.