May 11, 2012

Time to Get Philthy...Hamilton that is.

This week here at RDBC, I had an opportunity to sit down and interview with Texas musician Phil Hamilton. "Who is that?" you may ask. Well pull up a seat and get ready to be introduced to one of the guys starting to make a name for himself in the Texas Music scene.
"Philthy" Phil recently released his second album, Renegade Rock n Roll, and is already seeing tremendous success from the first 2 singles. The first single, 'You Can Have Me' went top 10, and his current single 'Bad' is currently sitting in the top 5 in the Texas Music Charts. When talking to Phil I asked him how it felt to finally crack into the top 5 and see all his hard work starting to pay off.

Phil: "Ya know this has been the best feeling in the world. To have been doing this as long as I have, and to be touring as much as we are, to have our first top 5 single, and still climbing, it's #4 on one of the charts, so we still aren't done with it. Ya never know what can happen, but definitely an accomplishment. And even the first single off this record 'You Can Have Me' to still be getting spins, and airtime on CMT is an exciting thing. There are just all of these great things that have come from this record, and we have really just started releasing it."

RDBC: It seems as though this new album has a more true country sound, even a little bluesy at times. Did you set out to make a different sounding album this time?

Phil: "Yeah I did. This was actually my first project with all of my own music. I had a vision of what I wanted for the record, wanted it to still have the rock n roll feel that is kinda our thing but have more a a traditional country feel to it. And a little blues feel in there just from my influences that I've listened to over the years. And I wanted to incorporate all that into a record that felt more mature and timeless. That was the main goal, and it was cool to see because I really think that came through."

RDBC: has your recent success opened up any new doors for you yet?

Phil: "Oh absolutely. Just from the sheer touring side of things, we have been able to move a little bit into a more national side of things instead of just limiting ourselves to Texas. I love Texas music, I love where I live and where I come from and I'll never get away from that. But there is just such a great opportunity to bring the music to people on a bigger scale. This album has opened up doors and allowed us to play in places like Colorado that we've never been able to reach to. And with bigger turnouts and new fans, and just being heard on a larger scale is due to the success of the new record."

Phil has an amazing energy during his live show and has opened for some of the biggest acts in the Texas Music scene these days. He's opened for major Texas/Red Dirt Artists like the Casey Donahew Band and the Josh Abbott Band. So, I asked if there was anyone that he personally wanted to perform or share a stage with.

Phil: "Ya know in Texas music it's very much you kinda do your own thing. But I have had the chance to open for pretty much every act in the business. That in itself has been a really cool thing. I never take that lightly. It's cool to play with these guys that you grow up listening to, who influenced you long before you hit a stage yourself. But I look forward to the day when maybe I get to play with Pat Green. He is one of the guys that really started this thing and made a really big push for this music that we are in. I haven't had that opportunity yet but I think and hope that maybe there is a chance for that in the future, and as one of my inspirations I'd love to share a stage with him."

While I had him talking about performing, we talked about an event that he has set up to help out his hometown region of Texas. Most of you should know now that large portions of Texas were severely affected by drought last year. Phil has set up a 3 day event called Philthy on the Frio. It is a 3 day tube ride down on the Frio river with  nightly concerts by Phil and others. His hope is to bring people back to the region and help support local area businesses and breathe some life back into an area nearly devastated by the drought last year. You can find out more about that on his website here -->

To end the interview I wanted to ask a question not specifically related to his music, but one to pick his brain and find out who was at the deepest root of his musical influence.

RDBC: So last question, just to give some insight into your influences, if you could speak with any one artist from any genre of music, past or present who would it be?

Phil: (without hesitation) "Tom Petty for sure. That guy is one of my heroes.  I could go on and on about Tom Petty. But the bottom line is the guy is a genius at song writing, showmanship, and creating quality, timeless music. For someone to have so many different kinds of people, and ages, and genres listen to his music and listen to songs released like 20 years ago. That is something not a lot of people have been able to do. And that is one of my dreams, I can only hope to make music that will last that long."

I believe that Phil may just be on his way. He is a great musician and songwriter. He is an outstanding performer and he truly appreciates the chance to do what he loves for his fans. Pick up a copy of his Renegade Rock N Roll and judge for yourself. Better yet, catch on his live shows. There is no doubt in my mind that if you listen to this guy, you will become a "Philthy" Phil Hamilton fan.

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