Apr 22, 2012

The Music Gives Back.

   Tonight a couple of stories caught my attention that really bring to light a little of the difference in the Texas/ Oklahoma music scene. It is in actuality a small, fairly close knit community with a family feel. That was pretty evident this week in the sudden loss of Rich Caldwell, who was sound engineer for Wade Bowen's crew. Artists and fans from around the scene expressed their sympathies, some went a step farther. Aaron Watson was one of those, he pledged to donate the proceeds from package sales on his website to the family. Proving once again that he is always a class act.
     Then on Saturday afternoon, those listening to Justin Frazell and his Texas Red Dirt Roads radio show were given a glimpse into the generosity of the fans and artists in the Texas Music scene.  I didn't get a chance to listen along, but caught the Twitter feed and was seriously moved by what transpired. It was announced that they would be taking donations and auctioning off a private back yard performance by Larry Joe Taylor, Dave Perez, Deryl Dodd, Jason Eady, Steve Helms, and Clayton Landau. I don't know the final total, but according to Justin's Twitter, the winning bid on the auction was $7500.
     That speaks volumes about the fans and artists. It shows that people can come together, and lend a hand when someone is in need. This is what makes this music, and the people that make it, and the fans that truly support it something special. If you would like to contribute there is a link below. One other thing, take some time, show the ones you love how much you care about them. Make sure they know today, because it may be your last chance. 


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