Apr 16, 2012


    I will soon be doing another feature on little/lesser known bands that are really deserving more attention. The last time I did this it was actually one of the most popular posts I have done so far. I already have a couple of bands in mind, but want to get your opinion too. Who do you know, what band do you love, that most people have never heard of? Send me their info, Facebook, twitter, website, whatever. If I use the band you submit I will send you one of the Red Dirt Blue Collar t-shirts.

send to
@just_b_RDBC on Twitter


Hallie said...

Mike Ethan Messick does a blog called Under the Radar where he highlights new unknown bands. I have learned about a lot of new people from him that are great.


Unknown said...

I have seen his blog. Pretty close to what I'm trying to do, but I'm also wanting to get you guys, the fans involved. You guys see and hear music that I don't and I am all about spreading the word when it comes to good music.

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