Apr 30, 2012

Calf Fry After Party, No... John David Kent Leads a Musical Revival!

    Stillwater OK: Tumbleweed Dancehall's 2012 Calf Fry ended Saturday night after another successful 3 day run. Immediately following Gary Allan's closing set outside, John David Kent and his band The Dumb Angels took the stage inside for the after party. It seems rather fitting now, that they took the stage at 12:00 AM, midnight, early Sunday morning to be precise. Because the events that transpired were much more than a simple after party concert. I watched John David Kent and his Angels, take this crowd by the hand, and lead them down a path of musical righteousness.

     As I watched John pour out his soul through his songs to the crowd that night, I was inspired by what I saw. There was more soul and heart coming off of that stage than I had seen in many a Sunday service. John was sending out his musical message, the stage was his pulpit, the crowd his willing congregation, and we were all bearing witness. His energy level was so much that sweat poured off of him. The man was soaked to the core. It was as if he had been baptized in the waters of the River of Rock & Roll itself.   

     I had seen John and his band 4 times before that night, but only as openers for more well known bands. This was something quite different. This was his time. This was his crowd. That night John David Kent showed why he is the real deal in Texas music. His music is great. Not just the sound, but the lyrics. He gets it. He is a lover of music, and that shows in what he does. He has a great group of guys behind him. A group that has only been together in it's current formation for a couple of months. And in that time, these guys have come together to perfect the music, create the sound, that will generate the buzz and excitement that will cement his place in Texas music.



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JDK is amazing! I saw him that night and this couldn't be more right on!! Great blog Brandon!

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